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Which statement is most likely to apply to you?

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Ford Explorer - Air-conditioning system with rear evaporator | BEHR HELLA

Ford Explorer

Model years 2002 - 2005

Air-conditioning system with rear evaporator

Noise development

With the above vehicles annoying, whistling or/and humming noises may be heard from the vehicle rear end. This only affects vehicles with a second evaporator (rear evaporator). The noise is especially noticeable when the idle speed is slightly increased.

Proceed as follows to rectify the problem:

  • Check the routing of the refrigerant lines to/from the rear evaporator in terms of abrasion points and contact with the body and paneling
  • Check the air-conditioning system for the correct quantity of refrigerant (suction, vacuum and refill)

If the above measures do not lead to the desired results, it is possible that the expansion valve is the cause of the noise. To access the expansion valve, only the right-hand paneling on vehicle rear end needs to be released and carefully folded back. The fixing nut of the expansion valve should be tightened to a torque of 23 Nm.

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