Citroen C5/C6/C8/Crosser - Starting behaviour and engine performance are inadequate | HELLA


Models: C5/C6/C8/Crosser

Model year: from 2006

Engine: 2.2 HDI FAP, DW12, Code: 4HX/4HY

Starting behaviour and engine performance are inadequate, and the engine control light comes on.

The following fault codes are saved in the engine control unit:

- P0087/135, indicative of

fuel system pressure; pressure too low.

- P0093/147, indicative of

fuel system; major leakage determined.

In this case, the fuel filter may be clogged.

The cause may be the formation of a muddy mass due to the use of fuel additive Eolys 176 (specified by the vehicle manufacturer).

The fuel filter must be replaced to resolve the problem.

The vehicle manufacturer has stopped using additive Eolys 176. In its place (particle filter generation 1 and 2), the new additive Infineum (particle filter generation 3) is used exclusively.

For the engines listed above, the maintenance intervals for the fuel filter have subsequently been reduced from 60,000 km to 30,000 or 20,000 km. Specialist garages have been informed and will test affected vehicles as required.

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