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BMW Mini: R50/ R52/ R53

All models with the W10 / W11 engine code

Model year: 2002–2006

Air locks in the cooling system.

Lighting up of the engine warning light.

If the coolant temperature gauge fluctuates and/or the engine warning light comes on in the above-mentioned vehicles, a possible cause could be the presence of air locks in the cooling system or in the coolant circulation system. In such cases it is also possible that the P0128 fault code is stored.

The P0128 fault code refers to the following malfunction: coolant thermostat, coolant temperature below the thermostat regulating temperature.

We recommend using a radiator vacuum filling device to get rid of the source of the problem and/or to optimise the ventilation of the coolant circulation system.

For example:

- 8PE 185103-271 Hella Nussbaum Solutions

- (See Figure 1 + 2)

Please note:

After completion of repair work, the radiator vacuum filling device checks the cooling system to make sure it is airtight and then refills it, also ensuring that it is free of air bubbles. A radiator adapter with coupling nipple (See accessories) is also required to connect the radiator vacuum filling device to the expansion tank.

Figure 1

Figure 2


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