Air conditioning compressor

The air-conditioning compressor is usually powered by the engine via a V-belt or ribbed V-belt. The compressor compresses and/or transports the refrigerant in the system. Different compressor designs are available.


The refrigerant is sucked in as a gas at low temperature from the evaporator; it is then compressed. It is then forwarded in a gaseous state at high temperature and high pressure to the condenser. The compressor can be dimensioned depending on the size of the system. The compressor is filled with special lubricating oil. Part of the oil circulates through the air-conditioning system with the refrigerant.


Behr Hella Service only has new compressor in its product range. This makes any used part return and deposit processing unnecessary, as it is usual among re-fabricated compressors.


Vehicle-specific spare parts

Vehicle-specific spare parts

"Easy to find" is the concept for our online catalogue. You can enter the relevant vehicle via our comprehensive manufacturer list, the type designation or the engine code.


In addition, we provide all key product information, such as

  • Article information,
  • Installation instructions,
  • Safety data sheets and
  • OE numbers

at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Hella catalogue app

Hella catalogue app

Our catalogue app lets you find HELLA products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles quickly and easily. Intuitive user prompting will lead you to the right result in a few steps ─ an easy, straightforward process. Simply select the vehicle type, brand and model, and the appropriate HELLA products will be displayed for you right away. The results are clearly presented, sorted by assembly and product group. They also offer the option of viewing additional information, images and technical data, allowing you to make product comparisons.

Brief information as PDF download

Brief information as PDF download

Information about different products in one database.

Brief information

BEHR HELLA safety data sheets

The need to provide material safety data sheets is based on Directive 91/155/EEC from March 5, 1991. The data sheets are updated as soon as there is a new revised edition.

Material safety data sheets

Are you looking for assembly instructions?

Here you can find the right assembly instruction for each HELLA product.


To do this, enter the HELLA product article no. into the search box, such as "1F0 010 186-001“. Or simply search for a certain product name, such as "Luminator X Halogen".

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and certain vehicle systems -- prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information

Compressor app

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