Thermal management


Your reliable thermal management expert.

Behr Hella Service combines more than 10 years of outstanding service expertise with a high-end and broad product portfolio.


Engine cooling and vehicle air-conditioning go hand-in-hand in modern thermal management -- just like the OE product expertise of Behr as one of the leading automotive suppliers in these fields, as well as the global HELLA sales organization. This is how the Behr Hella Service joint venture can assemble an attractive overall package, which in addition to traditional OE expertise and best quality products also includes great availability, competent technical service and attractive sales support.

Your advantages are our strengths.

Throughout, the independent aftermarket benefits from products of the highest quality, supply safety and a comprehensive service competence -- not only with regard to parts supply. With Behr Hella Service, workshops and independent aftermarket can choose from more than 6,500 quality products in over 20 product groups in the areas of engine cooling, vehicle air-conditioning and ventilation/blower. Throughout, the company serves a great number of manufacturers and all common European and Asian vehicle types -- from small vehicles to heavy duty trucks.


Since 2012, water pumps and water pump-kits complete the thermal management product range of Behr Hella Service. Thanks to this extension, the portfolio now includes even more commodity groups directly from a single source. And for a fair-value vehicle repair, especially of older vehicles, Behr Hella Service provides a selection of some 450 products. Identified as "alternative" to the respective Behr Hella Service original part, these can be found in the product groups of coolant cooler, charge-air cooler, air-conditioning compressor and condenser. The roughly 300 passenger car water pumps constitute the latest extension in this series.


BEHR – experienced system partner of the global automobile industry. Quality since 1905.

With its recognized OEM expertise, BEHR has provided true quality products for over 100 years, thus providing the greatest reliability when using cooling system products. BEHR components are perfectly tuned with one another and achieve unbeatable cooling efficiency. For example, they protect the engine not only against expensive damages due to overheating -- they also ensure the best possible performance, environmental compatibility and engine service life. BEHR's many years of experience and comprehensive know-how guarantee its particular quality in all products.

Leading research and development expertise for sophisticated system components.

Innovation is the basis for success at BEHR. The foundation for this is comprehensive research and development work that leads to innovative and high-quality BEHR products. Performance, reliability and quality are critical factors in product development using the latest software. This continues during the exhaustive tests under real-life conditions conducted in the in-house control and testing facilities -- such as an engine test bench and a state-of-the-art climatic wind tunnel.

Innovative production expertise.

With its company-wide, advanced production technologies, BEHR guarantees the best quality in all its products. Precise development leads, for example, to the exact fit accuracy of all BEHR components. Comprehensive quality assurance systems additionally provide a long service life and reliability of all products.