Citroen C5 - Irregular engine running | HELLA


C5, 2.2D HDI

Engine code DW12B

Built from 01/04/2006 to 20/06/2006

Irregular engine running

If a customer complains about the above problem, this could be caused by the crankshaft sensor. Defective pins of the two-pin connector may cause the problems listed below. Additional complaints may be poor throttle response and stalling of the engine. The following fault codes may be stored:

- P 0335 – crankshaft position sensor, A circuit functional error.

- P 0336 – crankshaft position sensor, A circuit range and functional error.

- P0606 - powertrain controller, processor error

If this is the case, the crankshaft sensor must be checked. The sensor signal can usually be displayed by a diagnostic tester via the "Measurements/Parameters" menu. The signal can also be visualised using an oscilloscope, see Figure 1. The Figure shows a good signal.

Fig. 1

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