On the road to success with Hella Gutmann's diagnostic expertise!


The 24-hour Le Mans motorcycle race is absolutely legendary for all fans of fast motorbikes. So it was hardly surprising that on the 42nd occasion of this classic event, once again almost 80,000 people lined the route to hear the unique sound of the mean machines and to breathe in real "racing" air.


A sensational victory
After a day of non-stop racing when absolutely everything was demanded of the drivers and of the machines in terms of stamina and also technically speaking, the racing sport aficionados were then able to cheer on a sensational winner on Easter Sunday: the Kawasaki trio of Jeremy Guarnoni, David Checa and Erwan Nigon delivered an impressive performance and in the end, although unexpectedly but completely deservedly, asserted themselves against last year's winner of Honda Endurance in an exciting head-to-head race.



Hella Gutmann as the competent "co-pilot"
In addition to the drivers' expertise and a well-thought-out racing strategy, a real guarantee for such success was also the presence of perfectly functioning technology - and this is where Hella Gutmann played a significant part.
Because in the company's role as one of the technical partners of SCR Kawasaki France, Hella Gutmann was able to support the team with its optimal diagnostic know-how.
The race mechanics could make full use of mega macs 77 during their maintenance and diagnostic work - ensuring that the drivers could rely completely on their technically demanding bikes throughout the entire race.


Leading in the overall ranking
It is indeed quite justifiable to say that Hella Gutmann contributed significantly to the success enjoyed by the winners of the 24-hour Le Mans race. This victory secured in the French area of Sarthe meant that SRC Kawasaki France held the leading position in the motorbike Endurance World Championship boasting 102 points. The next best team had just 86 points.


A small setback in Slovakia
It was obvious that the team wished to repeat their success at Le Mans during the next race in Slovakia in order to further entrench their lead.
Unfortunately that did not work out. As a result of the diagnosing of engine malfunctioning, a problem which could not be swiftly rectified in the pit stop, the team was forced, very reluctantly, to give up. It was definitely a setback for the championship - but at the same time it constitutes an incentive to really step on the gas for the next race in Oschersleben on June 8-9!