Greetings from Down Under


Visiting the other end of the world – G'day Australia!

Did you know that Australia has more than twice the number of kangaroos than humans? In addition to kangaroos and breathtaking nature, there are also top workshops. We visited the traditional "Baileys Garage" that's been in business since 1920. More on this in our video...

Calendar campaign 2019 "Experts at Work": photo shoots around the globe
One job, one passion, one world: There's no way to better describe the "Experts at Work" campaign that was created for the 2019 HELLA calendar. In the autumn of 2017, HELLA sought out true "Masters at Work" from around the world. Workshops applied by distinguishing themselves through their team, their location or their special vehicle repairs could apply. A HELLA jury then chose 12 winners.