Electromobility with passion!


The development of new electronic solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles is one of the pivotal issues in our endeavours toward "clean mobility". A subject which HELLA, as one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide, is therefore actively driving forward!
With the slogan "Passion for Clean Mobility", we wish to accompany our customers and partners - and that means you, too, as a workshop - in every way on the journey toward electromobility. But we do not only plan to do this with new ideas from the sectors of energy efficiency and electrification but also by means of
a consistent further development of existing products. In doing so, we are building especially on products that have a promising future such as safe battery management and intelligent thermal management.

For you, too, as a workshop, the subject of electromobility will play an increasingly important role in the future – as an accompaniment to the classic internal combustion engines which will certainly not disappear overnight. And with HELLA as the workshop's friend, you will always be kept up to date regarding both these options.

In our film shot against the impressive backcloth of Shanghai, we show you what modern electromobility concepts can look like as seen through the eyes of HELLA. Right now and in the future – and always with passion!