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mega macs 66

Like having an extra colleague on hand

The champion of all classes

Isn't it nice when you can place blind trust in a competent colleague? The mega macs 66 is exactly that: A reliable, additional colleague in the workshop that will never let you down, even in complex situations. Thousands of workshops rely on the first diagnostics system with a real-time repair concept – which means quicker repairs and higher earnings.


✓ Control unit communication with all relevant vehicle systems
✓ Real-time repair concept with direct connection to Hella Gutmann
✓ Maximum vehicle coverage and depth of diagnosis


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The system that does it all

Anyone working in a workshop with an ever-increasing number of different brands, vehicle models, and technical innovations needs a diagnostics system that helps them to keep an eye on everything and remain calm. Since Hella Gutmann launched the world's first real-time repair concept with the mega macs 66, many workshops have been able to get to grips with the ever-growing number of electronic components and control units in vehicles. Mega macs 66 reads and interprets fault codes in seconds, provides all the key vehicle parameters at a glance and accurately records all measurement data.

Sales Tutorial - mega macs 66 (UK)

Sales Tutorial - mega macs 66 (UK)

How to demonstrate as a wholesaler the diagnostic device mega macs 66 to your customers. Focus on the selection of menu points.


Topics are:

  • various possibilities of vehicle selection
  • readout process of ECU meories
  • how to send a help call out of the diagnostic menu
  • overview of the varous diagnostic funtions and
  • introducing of three applications that facilitate the work in workshops
Supply voltage 10–15 V
Battery charging voltage 12.5–18 V
Current consumption Max. 4 A, average 2 A
Power supply Li-polymer battery, 3.3 Ah
Display Design: TFT
Resolution: SVGA
Size: 12.1"
Input Touchscreen
Range of operation 0 – 45 °C
Compatibility asanetwork
Weight 3,800 g including battery/250 g (module)
Dimensions 135 mm x 362 mm x 302 mm (H x W x D)
Protection class IP20
Interfaces WLAN and Bluetooth®
Range 3–10 m (indoors)/max. 50 m (outdoors)
Battery charging voltage 10–15 V
Current consumption Max. 600 mA, typically 150 mA
Module weight 250 g
Battery Li-polymer battery, at least 790 mAh
Dimensions 37 x 82 x 160 mm (H x W x D)
Interfaces 1 x ST2, 1 x module interface, Bluetooth®
Class 1
Data transfer rate Max. 3 Mbit/s
Frequency range 2.4 GHz


MT 66 (measurement technology module)
Current consumption Max. 500 mA, average 400 mA
Module weight 250 g
Dimensions 37 mm x 82 mm x 160 mm (H x W x D)
Bandwidth Max. 10 MHz
Sampling rate 64 MSa/s
Memory capacity 64 kB
Amplitude resolution 12 bit
Overload protection Max. 200 V
Measurement channels 2 (galvanically separated)
Measured values Voltage, current, resistance
Interfaces 4 x safety socket 4 mm,
(2 per measurement channel), 1 x ST3 (12-pin)
UMTS 66 (UMTS module)
UMTS broadband HSDPA 7.2 Mbps (WCDMA)
Quad-band EGSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 Mhz)
Dimensions 37 mm x 82 mm x 160 mm (H x W x D)
Module weight 150 g
Other accessories
LPD kit (for pressure measurements from –1 to 60 bar)
Vehicle adapter
Motorcycle adapter
Ampere pliers, blue, 0-700 A
Ampere pliers, green, 40 A
Device case
Device station
Quote from master car mechanic Luppold Chrisitan






"...the investment in this top-class device paid for itself a long time ago..."



Master car mechanic Alois Tremml Jr.
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