Camera & radar calibration

Reliably test and maintain driving assistance systems.

Safety matters most

Even in the mid-range segment, an increasing number of vehicle models are now being supplied with state-of-the-art safety systems such as distance regulation, lane tracking assistant, or night vision assistance. To service and repair these cars profitably, independent workshops need a reliable and, above all, flexible system that covers all the applicable vehicle manufacturer brands. With the CSC tool, modern driving assistance systems can be tested and calibrated in no time at all in accordance with original manufacturer specifications.


✓ One system – all the big brands
✓ Can be used even without an axial measuring system
✓ Quick and easy to use


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It's worth it

The CSC tool delivers accurate results even where there is no space for wheel alignment or a level workshop floor. You don't even need a lifting platform. This means your CSC tool completely pays for itself after just 11 uses – and of course, neither you nor your customer have to compromise on precision or safety! The modular structure and useful accessories enable you to configure the CSC tool in the best way to suit your workshop. Whether it involves measuring the geometric driving axis with a laser, brand-specific ACC reference panels, or optional radar kits (all available to order individually) – everything is covered.

Quote from master car mechanic Luppold Chrisitan





"By purchasing the CSC tool, we are making an important investment in the future... Although we paid good money to colleagues working for the respective brands at the beginning to calibrate these systems, today we would rather earn it ourselves."


Master car mechanic Martin Mayer
Ac Kfz-Meisterbetrieb M. Mayer
Waakirchen, Germany