Nissan X-Trail - Reduced engine performance / rough engine running

Data sheet
ModelX-Trail (T31)
Engine2.5 i 16 V
Engine codeQR25DE
Year of construction2007 - 2014
SymptomsReduced engine performance / rough engine running

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Troubleshooting and remedy for reduced engine performance / rough engine running on a Nissan X-Trail

If the above-mentioned problem is detected, a possible cause may be  malfunctioning on the throttle valve housing system.


In order to exclude other possible causes of malfunction, electrical  and mechanical system tests (in accordance with vehicle manufacturer specifications) and also a fault code query using a suitable diagnostic unit should all be carried out.


The following error codes were read out:

  • P1121 Throttle position sensor (TPS) - circuit intermittent high voltage 
  • U1122 Throttle position sensor (TPS) - circuit intermittent low voltage  


In the course of further troubleshooting, a defect was found on the throttle valve.


Remedy: Replace the throttle valve housing in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. 


Before starting the programming process, please note the following:

  • There must be no entries in the error memory
  • The battery voltage >13 V
  • The coolant battery > 60°C
  • For automatic transmissions: selector lever to be positioned on "P" 
  • For manual transmissions: selector lever in "Neutral" position


Finally a test drive should be undertaken and also another error code query carried out in order to run a check on the repair work.


Please note that such repair work should only be carried out by an authorised specialist workshop and that the vehicle manufacturer's repair and maintenance instructions are to be observed!


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