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Alfa Romeo

Mito starting year of construction 10/2008

Condensation forming on the front fog lamp

If complaints are made about the above issue, this does not necessarily point to any error. If the covering pane is covered by condensation, the area where light is emitted should dry within 20 minutes of driving with the low beams turned on. The time for this process can vary, however, due to the ambient temperature and relative humidity. This process is normal according to physical laws and harmless from a technical point of view. The exact physical processes are explained in the TI "Condensation on headlamps". This TI is also a very good aid for discussing the issue with customers. If the condensation becomes so heavy, however, that water drops form on the inside of the covering pane, the seals on the headlamp should be checked for damage. As a corrective action, dry and optionally clean the headlamp with oil-free compressed air. Remove the ventilation elements (see Fig. 1) from the fog lamp. Install optimized ventilation elements with part no. 71753060 in the headlamp (see Fig. 2).

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