mega macs 42SE

The compact diagnostic unit for big challenges

The lightweight that packs a punch

mega macs 42 SE "Second Edition" is the second version of the renowned hand-held tester from Hella Gutmann, and for many years has served as a loyal, ultra-compact companion for numerous workshops. The mobile diagnostic unit provides assistance during vehicle acceptance and for quick evaluations of used vehicles. With just a few hand movements you can read out all control units and fault codes, reset service intervals, or recode electronic components. With a practical rechargeable battery, mega macs 42 SE weighs in at just 480 grams and can therefore fit easily into any bag.


✓ Hand-held tester for quick diagnostics and coding work
✓ Optimal for mobile use for vehicle acceptance and service work
✓ Ideal as a mobile secondary device


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Everything under control

The mega macs 42 SE has been specially developed for workshops with a large number of different brands and as a mobile secondary device. The software has all the essential diagnostics functions also found in the mega macs 56 and mega macs 66 devices. Interpretation of fault codes, quick solutions and practical service guidelines – all presented on the compact display. You can also update control units with original manufacturer data by means of PassThru technology. The tester is equipped with a practical rechargeable battery, providing you with several hours of flexibility without having to move around large diagnostics stations or use up expensive technology for straightforward work

Supply voltage 12 – 18 V
Battery charging voltage 8.4 V
Current consumption max. 1 A
Power supply P1 Li-polymer battery, 1000 mAh,
Power supply
Display Design: LCD-TFT, colour display
Resolution: ¼ VGA
Size: 3.5"
Storage medium Flash
Input Membrane keypad
Range of operation 0 – 45 °C
Weight 480 g incl. battery
Dimensions 47 x 110 x 202 mm (H x W x D)
Protection class IP20
Interfaces USB host, USB device, Bluetooth®
mega macs 42 SE
DT VCI (for wireless communication with the vehicle)
Bluetooth® adapter
USB cable 1.8 m micro
USB interface cable macs 42
Quick guide
Power supply and country-specific mains cable
User handbook on CD
Transport carton
Docking station
Rechargeable battery
Vehicle charging cable
Vehicle adapter
Device case
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"Having used many different diagnostic tools, I have found that nothing compares to our MM42SE. It is extremely user-friendly and covering a wide range of cars makes it very efficient."



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