Work lights

Good light is a useful tool in many areas of the trade. 


That's why HELLA work lights are always the first choice for:

  • Large-scale floor lighting when used in the field
  • Optimal close-range illumination or long-range illumination on construction site or for maneuvering in the yard


Easily increase your concentration capacity by having a highly visible work area. LED, xenon and halogen precisely guide powerful machines through the dark -- a truly worthwhile investment.


Aftermarket Catalogue

Explore the latest HELLA Australia Aftermarket Catalogue. This new catalogue is structured for ease of reference through 11 major product categories with changes to the segmentation:

  • Marker & Signal Lamps
  • LED Safety Daylights™
  • Headlamps & Inserts
  • Fog & Driving Lamps
  • Work Lamps
  • Emergency Lighting & Warning Lamps
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Relays & Flasher Units
  • Accessories
  • HELLA Workshop
  • Automotive Globes
Aftermarket catalogue

Brief information as PDF download

Brief information as PDF download

Information on various products in one database.

Brief information

Lighting comparison with ELIVER

The online comparison tool for light distribution from HELLA work lights, auxiliary headlamps, beacons and optical warning systems. Test the various products and lighting here.

ELIVER comparison tool


HELLA work lights - Prepared for each situation

HELLA work lights are ideal for touch working conditions The materials used meet the tougher requirements -- see for yourself.

LED work lights on Homer Rübenroder (beet grubber)

How can close-range illumination be optimized in specific work areas? The example of the Rübenroder "Holmer Terra Dos" allows us to illustrate the process of converting to HELLA LED work lights in selected vehicle areas.

Optimizing illumination on John Deere field chopper

Improved occupational safety for the work environment and material was the objective of converting to HELLA LED work lights.