Motorcycle diagnostics

As an individual solution or as a supplement.

Powerhouses for two-wheelers

Electronic injections, drive-by-wire systems, or fault memories in the control unit – for most motorcycle brands, these things are no longer possible without diagnostic testers. Motorcycle diagnostics from Hella Gutmann can be integrated perfectly into your day-to-day work, making it easier than ever for you to enter the world of two-wheeled diagnostics. Hella Gutmann offers practical motorcycle diagnostics for motorcycle workshops, as well as the option to upgrade existing mega macs systems with "Bike Plus".


✓ Extra fast motorcycle diagnostics and troubleshooting
✓ Existing hardware can be upgraded using software
✓ Economical individual solutions available

You have the choice

With mega macs 42SE Bike and mega macs PC Bike, motorcycle workshops receive perfect and above all cost-effective individual solutions for work on all relevant motorcycle brands and models.


mega macs PC Bike can be easily installed on any Windows-based computer, tablet PC, or laptop. You can work conveniently from a PC without having to invest in additional hardware.


mega macs 42 SE Bike is the mobile compact tester that enables you to carry out all tasks across the greatest possible radius of activity. The tester interprets fault codes and helps with the display of parameters in order to quickly localise fault causes.


Furthermore, for workshops that already have mega macs 56 or mega macs 66, the "Bike Plus" software upgrade can enable all the diagnostics functions for motorcycles. This lets you expand your range of services to include motorcycle service at the touch of a button.


The scope of services for the various motorcycle solutions from Hella Gutmann is always the same – You decide which system would be best integrated into your day-to-day tasks and then work with the powerful software with regular updates included.

Taken from experience and put into practice

Users of the motorcycle diagnostics from Hella Gutmann will immediately notice that our developers also know their way around a motorcycle workshop. Vehicle selection, connection aids, diagnostics and all the important information are perfectly processed in the clearly arranged software, displayed in an instant, and presented in an user-friendly manner. We take care to ensure that the system only includes motorcycles for which we can provide you with relevant useful information. When it comes to the depth of inspection, Hella Gutmann Solutions once again proves that "above average" is a minimum requirement.

mega macs PC Bike

Dimensions 110 mm x 50 mm x 26 mm (L x W x H)
Interfaces Micro USB, Bluetooth®
Indoor range 3 – 10 m
Outdoor range up to max. 50 m
Data transfer rate max. 3 Mbit/s
Battery life max. 3.5 hours
Frequency range 2.4 GHz
Range of operation 0 – 45 °C / recommended: 10 – 35 °C
Minimum Microsoft Windows 7
Hardware 512 MB RAM, 2 GB hard disk memory
USB, 2.0 interface
Recommended Microsoft Windows 7 (or above)
Hardware 1024 MB RAM, 4 GB hard disk memory
USB, 2.0 interface
Graphical user interface
Intuitive menu navigation
Print function
USB stick with installation software and instructions
Bluetooth® adapter
USB cable (1.8 m)
Crocodile clips (red and black)
Quick guide
User handbook on DVD
Lanyard keychain
Mouse pad
OBD extension cable
Bike adapter
VCI repair kit

mega macs 42 SE Bike

Display Design: LCD-TFT, color display, size: 3.5“
Interfaces 1x USB device 2.0 (max. 480 Mbit/s)
Bluetooth® class 1 (max. 3 Mbit/s)
Battery charging voltage 8.4 V
Current consumption max. 1 A
Power supply 1 Li-polymer battery, 1000 mAh, power supply
Battery life max. 3.5 hours
Battery charging time approx. 1.5 hours
Docking station for quick battery charging
Dimensions 110 mm x 202 mm x 47 mm (L x W x H)
Weight of mega macs 42 SE 480 g incl. battery
Weight of VCI module 80 g
Outdoor range max. 50 m
Indoor range 3 – 10 m
Range of operation 0 – 45 °C / recommended: 10 – 35 °C
mega macs 42 SE incl. battery pack
DT VCI (wireless communication module)
Power supply and mains cable
Crocodile clips (red and black)
Bluetooth® adapter (wireless communication with the PC)
USB cable (host & device)
Charging cable for cigarette lighter
Quick guide
User handbook on DVD
Lanyard keychain
Docking station mega macs 42 SE Bike
OBD cable extension
Bike adapter
Single battery
Repair kit for VCI
Device case for mega macs 42 SE Bike includes foam insert
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