The direct link to OEM portals.

Quick and simple

Which work steps must be followed for a major service? Where exactly can components be found and how are they removed correctly? How are repairs carried out exactly in line with the manufacturer's specifications? Why does a certain engine always judder when it rains? HGS Data always has the right answer for these questions and thousands more.


✓ Direct access to all approved data for diagnostics, service and maintenance
✓ mega macs PC x-Change stand-alone solution
✓ Also feasible with mega macs 66, mega macs 56, mega macs 42 SE, mega macs PC

PassThru - Overview

PassThru is the direct link to all the necessary data for diagnostics, service and maintenance for vehicles according to Euro 5/6. OE manufacturers are required to make this data available. Ideal for quick and simple access to OEM data and the perfect addition to diagnostics systems to ensure that you are able to act at all times.


Workshops that are already equipped with mega macs 66, mega macs 56, mega macs 42SE or mega macs PC can of course use the corresponding VCI as a full-featured PassThru interface. Nevertheless, it makes sense to invest the small amount in mega macs PC x-Change as a supplement to the existing diagnostics solution. The main reason being it can take up to several hours to flash the required data from OEM portals. The diagnostic unit cannot be used for other work during this time, which often leads to a backlog of repairs. This costs time, money, and sometimes even customers. Anyone wanting to play it safe can get mega macs PC x-Change as a valuable addition to their workshop, and truly let the software solution do the work for them.

Installation help

The PassThru function can be used with the hardware from Hella Gutmann Solutions on the following passenger cars from Euro 5 onwards, provided they are on the European market and homologated:


Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Lexus, Mercedes, Mini, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Opel, Volkswagen


The following table lists the web pages of some vehicle manufacturers and importers. This enables you to call up a specific web page and access the corresponding repair and maintenance information according to category 1 (general and safety-relevant repair and maintenance information) and category 2 (theft-related repair and maintenance information).


The following information and research has been gathered to the best of our knowledge. Hella Gutmann Solutions assumes absolutely no guarantee or liability for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information and statements on the websites. Furthermore, Hella Gutmann Solutions is neither responsible for the links to the OEM portals nor for the content of these.



Using several different OEM portals on one computer at the same time can lead to complications. However, experience has taught us that some vehicle manufacturers can be combined. But this combination can also have a negative effect depending on the use, even of other programs. We therefore recommend using only one vehicle manufacturer portal per PC/laptop. The partition of a PC hard disk with separate operating systems would also be an option. In any case, the system requirements of the vehicle manufacturer must be observed.


The vehicle manufacturer/importer may request the following data for registration in the online portals:


Category 1


  • Name and address of automotive workshop
  • Name of employee (possibly also the e-mail address)
  • Data for drawing up an invoice
  • Proof of the sales tax ID no. of the automotive workshop
  • Agreement to the general terms and conditions of the respective vehicle manufacturer/importer


Category 2


Access to theft-relevant repair and maintenance information has been stipulated for the first time by the European Commission in the Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulations. Automotive workshops must undergo an approval and authorisation process in order to obtain this repair and maintenance information. The requirements are:


  • Registration with the respective vehicle manufacturer in accordance with category 1
  • Name(s) of the person(s) to receive access
  • Copies of identification documents of the employer and the named person(s)
  • Police clearance documents for the employer and named person(s)
  • Employment contract(s) of the named person(s)
  • Business liability insurance
  • Automotive workshop address
  • Approval for building to be used as an automotive workshop
  • Compliance with administrative processes

OEM info

With your latest software update, Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH ("HGS") provides your customers with the functionality "HGS PassThru". In order to use HGS PassThru, you must agree to the following terms of use. If you do not agree to the terms of use, it will not be possible to use HGS PassThru. This does not affect the use of any other functionalities.

Functionality of HGS PassThru

Vehicle manufacturers issue regular software updates for the electronic control elements of their vehicle models on the market. In order for a workshop to perform an update, the user must first download the corresponding update from the web portal of the associated vehicle manufacturer onto the workshop computer (PC, laptop, tablet, or other). From there, the update can be transferred to the vehicle in the workshop via "HGS PassThru". The overall procedure of updating by means of data transfer to the vehicle is also known as a "flashing procedure". In this process, HGS PassThru simply takes care of the data transfer from the workshop computer to the vehicle in the workshop.

Disclaimer and restriction of liability

HGS is not the manufacturer of the data to be transferred. HGS is not responsible for:


  • the transmission of data from the web portals of the vehicle manufacturers to the workshop computer (PC, laptop, tablet, or other).
  • the content and completeness of the data transferred from the workshop computer to the vehicle by means of HGS PassThru.
  • the power supply required for the transfer procedure.
  • the data cable required for the transfer procedure, if this was not provided by HGS.


HGS therefore does not provide any warranty regarding the flawlessness of the items and data above, or regarding the functioning of the procedures above. If damage occurs as a result of the user not observing or not fully observing the information specified in item 3, the warranty and liability shall likewise be excluded.


The liability of HGS is limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. The latter exclusion of liability does not apply in the event of damage to life, body, or health.

Requirements for the operation of HGS PassThru

A vehicle undergoing a flashing procedure must be connected to a separate external voltage stabilisation device (charger), in accordance with the requirements specified in the web portal of the vehicle manufacturer, since a shortage may lead to an unwanted interruption to the data transfer line. Before each flash procedure, HGS PassThru users must also ensure that


  • the workshop computer used has an Internet connection that satisfies the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • they are using the latest software version of the vehicle manufacturer's web portal (basic program and diagnostics area).
  • the software and hardware used, as well as all entries made in the workshop computer, satisfy all other requirements of the vehicle manufacturer's portal; in particular, users must use the access/information/secure ID of the manufacturer portal (basic program and diagnostics area) as requested by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • they take into consideration all safety regulations of the manufacturer.
  • the vehicle ignition is switched on throughout the entire flash procedure, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing on the web portal of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • only cable connections are used from the workshop computer to the vehicle in question (no wireless remote connections), and that these cable connections are only disconnected once the flash procedure is complete, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing on the web portal of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • all cable connections are free from damage.
  • any defects in the vehicle electrical system are remedied before starting the flash procedure.
  • the latest version of the available software is installed on all HGS devices that are used for the flash procedure.