Rotatory actuators for 360° angle

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Small actuator - major effect: Rotatory actuators for 360° angle are positioned upstream of the valves and, for instance, guarantee accurate coolant temperature and flow control thanks to their quick reaction times.

Rotary actuators for 360° angle be used in a wide range of applications under harsh environmental conditions.

Rotary actuators for 360° angles operate reliably in the temperature range from -40 °C to +140 °C. Direction of rotation and runtime are specified by the control unit. The integrated CIPOS® sensor ensures a high measuring speed and it is also resistant to external interference - especially EMC.

Product Advantages

  • Electrical rotation (right/left) with high torque
  • Electrical locking/unlocking and closing
  • Short response time for precise control
  • CIPOS® sensor is not influenced by magnetic fields

Technical Data

Connector type Tyco RD
Rated voltage 12 V
Operating voltage 9 V - 16 V
Operating temperature -40 °C to +140 °C
Nominal angle 360 °
Nominal speed
(14 V/0.5Nm; 120 °C)
~ 0,13°/ms (new parts)
Min. torque
(14 V/ 0,5 Nm; 120 °C)
1 Nm (new parts)
Current at standstill
(-40 °C, 16 V)
~ 4.3 A
Sensor resolution ~ 0,088°
Weight ~ 175 g
Lifetime 100.000.000°

Program Overview

Variant Nominal angle Part number Packaging unit
Rotatory actuator * 360° 6NW 012 772-001 1
Rotatory actuator * 360° 6NW 012 772-021 1

* The two variants differ in mounting and connector positioning. For details see technical drawing within the brief information.