Electronic two-tone horn TE16E

Sound for greater safety: Signal horns are required in vehicles by law so that other road users can be made aware of dangerous situations in a clearly audible manner. The durable HELLA TE16E two-tone horn is particularly suitable for electric vehicles, various passenger cars, and sports cars. It is much more durable and trouble-free than a conventional horn, because the vibration is generated electronically.


The TE16E two-tone horn is powered by a battery current pulse. This is usually transmitted by a voltage pulse controlled by the steering wheel. This voltage pulse is fed to a relay to ensure voltage dip-free control current. A magnetic field is generated in the horn by the current, which attracts the metal core or shaft, causing vibrations of the steel diaphragm.


The two-tone horn is available with a low (400 Hz) or high tone (500 Hz) and produces a sound pressure level of approximately 110 dB(A) at 2 m distance. Flush mounting a set of high and low tones produces the optimal two-tone color.

Product Advantages

  • Durable horn with innovative technology
  • No mechanical wear through electronic design
  • Ideal for cars, e-cars, and sports cars

Technical Data

Diameter 82 mm
Rated voltage 12 V
Sound pressure level at 2 m distance 110 dB (A) ± 5 dB (A)
Frequency range

400 Hz (low tone)

500 Hz (high tone)
Power consumption 72 W
Current consumption max. 6.0 A
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP 67
Lifetime 500,000 cycles (ECE-R28)
Housing material ABS
Type approval



Program Overview

VariantPart numberPackaging unit
12 V, 400 Hz, low toneAvailable upon request40
12 V, 500 Hz, high toneAvailable upon request40