Sensors for measuring outside air temperature

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Intelligent temperature sensors: HELLA air temperature sensors are used for a variety of functions and application in the vehicle. This sensor variant is used to measure the outside air temperature and can thus display not only the temperature but also information such as an ice warning to the driver on infotainment systems.


The sensors are based on an NTC resistor with a negative temperature coefficient. With increasing temperature, the conductivity is increased. The circuit diagram includes a sensor and a constant resistor wired in series. Based on the voltage dip across the resistor or sensor, the respective resistance of the NTC temperature sensor is calculated and the temperature is derived accordingly.


The outdoor temperature sensor is protected against splash water thanks to IP 67 degree of protection. The temperature characteristic is linearized using a resistor in parallel connection. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is optimized using a parallel capacitor.

Product Advantages

  • EMC-stable and robust design
  • Rapid response times

Technical Data

Nominal voltage 5 V

Temperature measurement range

-40 °C to +65 °C

Time constant

< 35 s (DIN EN 60539)

Cn = 100 nF
CTol = -20% to +50%
RIS ≥ 10 mΩ
UN = 63 V
UN eff = 40 V

Resistance RS = 10,800 Ω ± 0.25%


Ra (25 °C) = 3012 Ω ± 3.5%
B25/85 = 3,975 K ± 0.5%

Storage temperature

-40 °C to +120 °C

Protection class

IP 67

Corrosion tested according to

ASTM 13117, 96 h

Housing material

PA6 GF30

Contact pin CuSn6, gold-plated
Weight 6 g

Program Overview

Variant Part number Packaging unit
Outside air temperature sensor 6PT 009 522-011 1