Electra Mining Africa 2022 in South Africa: HELLA presents lighting solutions for the mining sector


HELLA Automotive South Africa (Pty) Ltd. a subsidiary of the HELLA Group of companies, operating under the umbrella brand FORVIA will be exhibiting at the Electra Mining Africa 2022 Expo at the Johannesburg Expo Centre. With five decades of accumulated experience since its inaugural show, Electra Mining Africa has built a strong reputation for its ability to effectively connect people, and industries. Known and admired as the biggest mining, electrical, automation, manufacturing, power and transport trade show in Southern Africa.


The keypoints in short

  • HELLA Automotive South Africa (Pty) Ltd. presents work lamps at Electra Mining 2022 in South Africa
  • The RokLUME 280N SMART and RokLUME 280N Generation 2 are among the highlights of this year
  • The SMART Cornering Light and FlexaTec and the K-LED Nano support safety in rough working environments


The HELLA Mining product presentation will focus on various solutions from the areas of front and rear lighting as well as warning lamps and work lamps. Distinctive and unique design is playing an increasingly important role, especially for agricultural and construction machinery and other industrial vehicles. Customized LED lighting solutions are an important lever for this. HELLA has more than 100 years of experience in automotive original equipment and continues to advance lighting technology from the idea to the finished product. True to the motto "from professional to professional", HELLA develops and produces products that are precisely tailored to the needs of customers and optimally implement the requirements of manufacturers and designers.


Product Highlights for the Expo include

  • RokLUME 280N SMART – intelligent work lamps with smart functions.
  • SMART Cornering Light – for increased safety when turning in poorly lit working environments without natural daylight.
  • RokLUME 280N Generation 2 – for the best possible light in harsh mining environments.
  • FlexaTec – the flexible and extremely flat HELLA LED light strip.
  • K-LED Nano the warning lamp – LED technology in the smallest of spaces for vehicles with height restrictions.



The RokLUME 280N SMART increases safety in mining, on construction sites and in forestry. With its individual light settings, the intelligent work lamp allows the colour temperature to be changed from warm to cold white and the light colour to green or amber, depending on the variant. This adjustment of the light colour is extremely important for ensuring the best possible visibility, especially in poor visibility conditions due to dust, snow or fog. In addition, the brightness level can be adjusted to the current light conditions using the dimming function. This can reduce the power consumption and CO2 emissions.


The work lamp is available in six illumination variants, including ZEROGLARE with a new, patent-pending reflector.


The work lamp can be operated easily and quickly by controlling it via the HELLA control panel or the Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the vehicle.


Conventional work lamps can be replaced with the intelligent RokLUME 280N SMART in no time at all. Powerline communication (PLC) enables the control unit (gateway) to communicate with the work lamps via the existing harness without interference. As the existing wiring harnesses and circuits are used, the vehicle architecture does not need to be modified.


Equipped with lifetime management, the system warns in time before a work lamp comes to the end of its lifetime, which prevents unplanned downtime. Anti-theft protection and a memory function for storing individual lighting settings are also integrated. With Gateway Prime, the vehicle can also be equipped with a cornering light function.


The RokLUME 280N SMART can be mounted upright, pendant and horizontal.

SMART Cornering Light

The smart dynamic HELLA LED dynamic cornering lightSMART Cornering Light switches on automatically when corresponding steering movements are made, helping drivers to detect obstacles in good time. This effectively prevents collisions with objects or slipping on precipices. Thanks to the SMART Cornering Light, both operational safety for all involved and comfort are increased through better perception of the surroundings.


The SMART Cornering Light includes a set of two LED headlamps work lamps and an intelligent control unit. The headlamps are mounted on the front left and right of the vehicle.
The control unit communicates with the headlamps and activates the left or right headlamp depending on the vehicle movement when turning. Depending on the variant, the work lamps generate 2,700 (RokLUME C180) or 4,400 (RokLUME 280N) lumens of light output with a maximum consumption of 30 watts (RokLUME C180) or 50 watts (RokLUME 280N). The work lamps are dustproof, waterproof, and high-pressure jet cleaner resistant. They are ECE- and RCM-approved.

RokLUME 280N Generation 2

All-round talent in its second generation: The HELLA RokLUME 280N Generation 2 work lamp provides the best possible light in harsh mining environments. With its very high light output of up to 4,400 lumens, the headlamp offers drivers of heavy-duty vehicles enhanced visibility to detect hazards well in advance.


The RokLUME 280N Generation 2 is available in six illumination options. In addition, variants with coloured cover lenses in amber and green are available, which are designed to combat reflective environments such as fog, falling snow or dust-laden air.


The variants with ZEROGLARE illumination feature a new reflector and a refined optical lighting system that creates a sharp horizontal cut-off at 0° to direct the light onto the ground in front of the vehicle. This prevents oncoming drivers from being dazzled.


The centred, robust heavy -duty bracket allows three mounting positions: upright, pendant and rectangularhorizontal. This ensures that the work lamp meets the high vibration requirements of mining vehicles.

Picture of the RokLUME 280N Generation 2.

The different illumination options of the RokLUME 280N Generation 2 provide an optimal view in demanding work environments.


Highly individual: The flexible and extremely flat HELLA FlexaTec LED light strip can be extended to a length of up to 100 meteres as required. This means it can be adapted to the respective area of application.


FlexaTec is available in lengths of 10 m and up to, or 100 m or 80 m (US and Canada), and in both 110 V AC and 230 V AC versionsvariants. Depending on the variant, the light output is 1,200 (110 V AC) or 1,500 (230 V AC) lumens per metere, with a low power consumption of just 11 watts (110 V AC) or 15 watts (230 V AC). The daylight-like light is particularly easy on the eyes and provides uniform illumination of the work area. Other light colours are available upon customer request.


Specially designed clips make mounting particularly quick and easy. The flexible PVC material complies with flammability class V0. The FlexaTec LED light strip is CB and ETL type-approved and dust- and waterproof.

Picture of the specially for mining designed light strip FlexaTec.

The light strip FlexaTec has been designed especially for mining.

K-LED Nano warning lamp for vehicles with height restrictions

Another trade fair highlight from HELLA is the smallest homologated beacon to date: with a height of just 68 millimetres, the K-LED Nano offers LED technology in the smallest of spaces. This makes it particularly suitable for municipal vehicles, tractors and large vehicles that have to comply with a height restriction or have little mounting space available. The K-LED Nano uses flashing light to generate a long-range, amber warning signal to alert other road users and secure operational sites. It has a particularly high light intensity, for which it is approved according to the European ECE standard R65 Class 1 and the American SAE standard J845 Class 1.


HELLA offers the beacon in three different mounting variants. With a bolt circle diameter of 130 millimetres, the standard version covers the usual HELLA mounting points and thus enables one-to-one replacement, e.g. if an upgrade to LED technology is desired. A slim variant with a diameter of 109 millimetres is also available on request for vehicle manufacturers. In addition, customers can also get a variant with flexible pipe socket attachment. Here, the shock-absorbing and vibration-damping base briefly tilts by up to 45 degrees and cushions even strong impacts.

The warning lamp K-LED Nano.

The K-LED Nano is an especially small and sturdy warning lamp.

Visit HELLA from 5-9 September 2022 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre in Johannesburg South Africa in Hall 5 Booth 5B27.


The Electra Mining Africa 2022 Expo is open to visitors. Register now for your free ticket here.

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