Washer fluid pumps

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Clear view: HELLA washer fluid pumps are used for windshield cleaning systems and headlamp cleaning systems.


High pressure is used to spray the cleaning fluid from the washer pumps onto the windscreen or rear window, or the headlamp cover lens. Special turbulence chamber nozzles ensure the optimum spray cone.


In headlamp cleaning systems, a centrifugal pump forces water into a cylinder, whereupon a piston is extended and the nozzles are moved into position. The initially closed valve is then opened and the liquid is sprayed onto the cover lens. The duration of the wash pulse is between approx. 0.5 and 0.8 seconds.

Product Advantages

  • Flexible installation through compact design
  • High cleaning performance with minimal water consumption
  • Best performance with vehicle in motion

Technical Data

Application Windscreen or headlamp cleaning systems
Rated voltage 12 / 24 V
Protection class IP 4 / IP 6

Program Overview

For details on how much pressure the respective pump can be operated with and how to contact it, please refer to the brief information.

Variant Type Part number Packaging unit
for windscreen cleaning systems:      
12 V, IP 4 Mono 8TW 004 223-031/-037 1/60
12 V, IP 4 Mono 8TW 004 223-061 1
12 V, IP 4 Mono 8TW 004 223-097 40
12 V, IP 4 Mono 8TW 004 223-107 60
for headlamp cleaning systems:      
12 V, IP 4 Mono 8TW 007 540-141 1
24 V, IP 6 Mono 8TW 010 720-227 54