Water pumps and water pump kits

Water pumps are indispensable for water-cooled internal combustion engines. After all, they keep the cooling circuit going via the continuous circulation of coolant.


Water pumps are therefore among the most in-demand spare parts and have of course been an integral part of the Behr Hella Service offer for many years. Our product range includes some 500 water pumps as individual spare parts as well as the particularly assembly-friendly complete kit.


Almost 200 water pump complete kits
A complete exchange eliminates possible risks in advance, ensures the water pump's flawless operation and avoids expensive follow-up repairs. To this end, Behr Hella Service offers more than 180 complete kits. They can be used as exchange aggregate for some 90% of all Western European passenger cars whose cooling pumps are powered by bets. In addition to water pumps (possibly incl. O-rings or other seals), the kits also comprise all perfectly coordinated spare parts necessary for propulsion, such as toothed belts, tension pulleys, return pulleys and lead pulleys, such as dampers. 


Water pumps for commercial vehicles.
For the first time, we offer customer water pumps for commercial vehicles. The product range currently comprises some 100 water pumps in the habitual Behr Hella Service quality. We are sure that this attractive product range extension will benefit you in the long term.

Why BEHR HELLA water pump kits?

  • All required spare parts from a single source
  • Perfectly matched components with original equipment manufacturer quality
  • No need to search for suitable spare parts
  • Errors and incorrect purchase orders are avoided
  • Increased customer satisfaction by saving time
  • Number of replacements minimized
  • Greatest possible protection against follow-up repairs and warranty thanks to the complete exchange of all components.


Vehicle-specific spare parts

You can easily find our online catalog concept. You can thus for example enter the respective vehicle via our comprehensive manufacturer list, its type designation or the engine code.


And for additional information, we provide all crucial product information, such as

  • article information
  • assembly instructions
  • safety data sheets
  • OE numbers
Vehicle-specific spare parts

Hella catalog app

With our catalog app, you can easily and quickly find HELLA products for passenger and commercial vehicles. The intuitive user prompting will lead you to the right result in a few steps -- totally easy and straightforward: simply choose vehicle type, brand and model and the suited HELLA products will be displayed in front of you. The results are presented clearly sorted according to assemblies and product areas. They also allow viewing additional information, images, technical data while enabling product comparisons.

Brief information as PDF download

Information on various products in one database.

Short info

BEHR HELLA safety data sheets

The need to provide material safety data sheets is based on Directive 91/155/EEC from March 5, 1991. The data sheets are updated as soon as there is a new revised edition.

Material safety data sheets

Are you looking for assembly instructions?

Here you can find the right assembly instruction for each HELLA product.


To do this, enter the HELLA product article no. into the search box, such as "1F0 010 186-001“. Or simply search for a certain product name, such as "Luminator X Halogen".

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and certain vehicle systems -- prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information