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The best way to experience our offroad products is by seeing them in action in the field – find out here what real professionals appreciate about us.


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There are moments when you have to make decisions. Decisions that can change your life. Such was the case with Nico Garcia Vogel in 2006. The choices were a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, a Land Rover Defender and a Jeep Wrangler. Sports car or off-roader? Nico decided on the latter - the right decision as the following years proved.

Nico had a long wheelbase Jeep Wrangler imported from the USA. The favourable dollar exchange rate made it possible. The deciding factor to get his hands on an off-road vehicle probably goes back to his childhood. "I grew up in Spain, we were always outdoors with the family so much," Nico remembers. "It’s true that I could also get enthusiastic about sports cars. However, that would mean that I would be stuck on asphalt roads. But I always wanted to discover the world, to be caught up with Mother Nature. And for that reason I got my first Jeep".

"Discovering the world, living in tune with nature"

The native Swabian from Southern Germany gained his first off-road experience in the "ancient off-road vehicle” of his parents. With his Jeep Wrangler, the 4x4 fan dived deeper and deeper into the world of off-roaders.

Technically minded and always keen on tinkering, Nico steadily worked on improving his off-road vehicle. In 2012 Nico met another off-road fan in Zaragoza - Miguel Garcia Pelayo, who immediately cast a spell over Nico: "Miguel had huge technical expertise and he had the talent of doing up components and even entire off-road vehicles under the name 4x4 proyect in a working area of just 15 square metres." Because the chemistry was right and they both shared a similar tuning philosophy, Nico joined Miguel. From then on, the two of them worked on optimising off-road vehicles together, mainly Jeeps.

The two focused on a particularly smart brand of tuning in line with the motto: less is more. Nico's tips for off-road beginners follow this rather down-to-earth line of thought. "My recommendation is to buy a used off-road vehicle to begin with," reveals the 34-year-old. "Every off-road vehicle in serial production condition can do more off-road than any other normal car. With a simple off-road vehicle including a gearbox reduction ratio, first-time off-roaders can then take beginners’ steps to see how the whole thing works".

Irreplaceable when it comes to off-road driving: a new set of tyres with the appropriate off-road tread for added safety. The right lighting is also important. Nico: "The bottom line is two good main headlamps and two good auxiliary headlamps. And more important than a good high beam when you’re off-road is periphery lighting, so that you can also see to the left and to the right". After all, it can get late – and dark – on off-road trips. A good reverse lamp should also not be underestimated for situations when you have to back up.

It is important for beginners to learn without being put under stress or pressure. "Training courses in off-road driving accompanied by a guide, in off-road parks for example, is something I would recommend. Then, when you realise that it's fun, you can go to the next level". Another valuable tip: take your time. "Many novices often lack patience. Everything off-road is different from the situation in normal road traffic. The golden rule is this: it's better to get out and really check out what a complex stretch looks like, or to let your co-driver guide you along". This approach is essential, especially on challenging routes, the so-called trails.

Like the notorious Rubicon Trail in California, the toughest off-road track in the world, which Nico has already ridden with his mate Alex.

Even after more than 15 years of off-road experience, its fascination is just as strong. In fact, even more so: "I'm still gripped by the spirit of adventure. It's a very special feeling that makes you want to leave the marked paths and explore what's hiding off the beaten track. For me, off-road means freedom."

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Dag Rogge is Manager of the Land Rover Experience Center. He has a legendary reputation as a chief instructor for extensive off-road expeditions. Under his guidance, man and equipment have overcome some of the most impassable terrains on earth, e.g. the Andes, the Atacama desert in South America and the tropical jungles of Asia.
During the Land Rover Experience Tour headlamps are exposed to extreme operating conditions. Mud, dust, extreme heat and cold test not only the people but also the materials to their limits. Dag Rogge knows this only too well. When it comes to auxiliary headlamps, he is not prepared to make any compromises and instead puts his trust in the innovative tried-and-tested HELLA products.

  • Professional opinion Dag Rogge

Robby Gordon is one of the best drivers of the NASCAR series in the USA. In addition, he drives in the Indy Racing League (IRL), Trans-Am, with the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) and participated in the International Race of Champions (IROC). He also took part several times in the Paris-Dakar rally, achieving notable success.
Robby Gordon has been driving with Hella headlamps for more than 10 years. He is convinced that he owes his victories in the famous Baja races, and other successes, at least in part to the outstanding performance and stability of the headlamps. Robby focuses on performance and staying power. His statement:
"Hella allows me to be just as fast at night as I am during the day."
We can"t add much to that, apart from perhaps to say that you, and not just racing drivers, can benefit from our impressive products!

  • Professional opinion Robby Gordon

The Silk Road is a thrilling route. The different cultures, climates and landscapes are not only alluring to the participants – they also represent a great challenge for the tour vehicles. As official Land Rover partner, we ensure that the vehicles taking part in the Land Rover Experience Tour 2013 are equipped with high grade LED as well as Xenon auxiliary headlamps and work lights to ensure that dangers, both during the day and at night, are seen in good time. This is a win-win situation for all involved! To find out more about the Land Rover Experience Tour, visit the official website.

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