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Luminator collage

The Luminator LED is the first member of the Luminator family to feature 100% LED technology. This means you will never have to replace a bulb again. High-boost reflectors ensure optimum luminous efficiency and maximum driving pleasure. Thanks to computer-optimized fine detail adjustments, the high-power LEDs guarantee homogeneous ideal illumination of the road. This means: More safety and less fatigue for you, the driver. Alongside all these LED advantages, the Luminator LED is one thing above all: a real HELLA Luminator – a sturdy and reliable quality product made in Germany. The headlamp has a distinct appeal, not least due to its LED high beam consisting of a triple reflector, but also the LED position light consisting of 3 Kartovals. It weighs 2800 g.


The Luminator Metal proves beyond doubt that a logical equilibrium can be found between reliable technology, sturdy construction and attractive design. The housing, bracket and ring are made of hard-wearing zinc die casting and can therefore easily withstand the rigors of the toughest offroad assignments. The halogen technology in customary HELLA quality will also not let you down when you are off the road and ensures reliable illumination. The imposing appearance also enhances the experience of every offroad enthusiast.


A perfect combination: the Chromium line combines the stability of the rugged Luminator metal housing with the cool elegance of a clear gloss chrome finish. They also therefore set genuine design accents offroad. So all Chromium models can live up to the expectations of the Luminator classification, their surface finish is particularly corrosion-resistant and as durable as the powerful technology inside. This ensures that you will enjoy these high-quality HELLA auxiliary headlamps for a long time to come. The Chromium Line comes with a transparent or blue cover lens.

Luminator Chromium with position light


Small housing, formidable technology: The Compact versions of the Luminator allow the customary excellent technology with outstanding stability and resilience also to be accommodated in small mounting spaces. The smaller series features the same highly sophisticated technology as the large models and therefore provides the same product benefits with comparable lighting power.
The model diversity of this series is also as wide-ranging as its larger counterpart – whether metal or chrome or even the brand new LED version, all are also available as a Compact version. The Luminator Compact headlamps can be installed upright. Exception: The Luminator Compact Xenon with integrated ballast can be installed upright at an angle of +7° to -7°.

Luminator Compact LED
Luminator Compact Xenon
Luminator Compact Metal
Luminator Compact Chromium


Small but powerful: This is the lightest and smallest Luminator ever and is an ingenious miniature solution that delivers maximum lighting power – either in Xenon or halogen technology. This means that even if space is very tight you do not have to do without the power and technological brilliance of HELLA Luminator auxiliary headlamps.
The Luminator X is compelling as it embodies the classic strengths of the series: homogeneous illumination thanks to high-boost reflectors, computer-optimized fine adjustment and therefore good visibility and active driving safety in the dark and in poor weather conditions. Simply install it on the cab roof or front apron, and you are perfectly equipped to deal with challenging conditions.

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Size comparison of the Luminator headlamps.
Size comparison of the Luminator headlamps.


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