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Auxiliary headlamps by HELLA – powerful light with passion

Whoever ventures off the beaten track must always be ready to face extremes. This applies for the driver as well as the equipment – and is certainly true for lighting. Impaired functionality or failure cannot be caused by stone impact, extreme humidity or mud. With the auxiliary headlamp series which are specially tailored to offroad requirements, HELLA has developed a range of outstanding products to ensure you will be perfectly equipped for precisely these kinds of applications under the most grueling conditions. The result is different headlamp models whose stability, resilience and unparalleled lighting performance have been legendary for many years and are being continuously and systematically developed further by HELLA engineers. Light which you can rely on.

The legendary BLACK MAGIC high beam lamps in a classy black design. For extra enjoyment when driving and a powerful light output. Different designs and suitable illumination variants for every mounting location and every adventure.


The LBE auxiliary headlamp series LED light bars from the HELLA VALUEFIT range offer a powerful yet homogeneous light output thanks to the latest LED technology, enclosed in an impact-resistant aluminium housing with integrated cooling fins.


The Luminator from HELLA has been the measure of feasibility in the offroad world for a long time: If you are looking for the best possible illumination, maximum stability, and resilience, this product is always the obvious choice. The Luminator is an uncompromising genuine full metal headlamp: The housing, bracket, glass holder and reflector are made of metal. Special high-boost reflectors ensure maximum luminous efficiency. As one of the offroad auxiliary headlamp series with the most variants, the Luminator family offers many headlamp models featuring different lighting technologies.


HELLA Rallye 3003 headlamps differ from the Luminator series primarily due to the housing material used: Here, top-quality polystyrene is used rather than metal – ultra light, stable and fully corrosion-resistant. The black solid colored headlamp housings are equipped with a gray-silver or chrome design ring and provide impressive visual accents. The reinforced housing structure increases stability and the real-glass lens, available in clear glass or blue glass, guarantees long-term scratch resistance. Upright or pendant surface mounting is possible.


The HELLA Jumbo series boldly emphasizes the lines of the vehicle with its rectangular, only slightly rounded black shape. It is ideal for fitting at the front of the vehicle due to the upright or pendant surface mounting which offers additional functional benefits: The Jumbo can also be used without a problem in situations where mounting a large round headlamp would otherwise be likely to interfere with the engine cooling, or in precisely these areas. The Jumbo is incidentally not only big in terms of size, but also in terms of model diversity!


The LED Light Bar is the stylish alternative to round auxiliary headlamps. The extremely flat and robust light bar is quick to install and is ideally suited to the particular demands of off-road vehicles. It can be mounted on the roof or on the front. The use of thermally conductive plastic means that it is very lightweight. Despite the slim design, a high light output is achieved with a simultaneously low power consumption of just 25 W (version: LED Light Bar 350) or 35 W (version: LED Light Bar 470).


The new HELLA Comet 200 LED is the modern, high performance LED alternative to halogen auxiliary headlamps.
The compact LED auxiliary headlamp featuring the HELLA logo provides a striking light design that corresponds to LED headlamps.
With a diameter of only 144 mm and a mounting depth of 71 mm, the Comet 200 LED is ideal for mounting in tight spaces.


The HELLA VALUEFIT 450 LED high beam headlamp offers a powerful light output, is compact and has a modern reflector design. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the LED high beam headlamp with integrated position light is also suitable for small installation spaces.


The Comet FF 450, 500, and 550 auxiliary headlamps from HELLA are specially tailored to the design of modern vehicles and are the ideal light solution for all those who, in addition to good visibility, also appreciate good optics and individual style – also offroad. The combination of tried-and-tested halogen technology with freeform reflectors achieves outstanding lighting performance. Together with the high grade processing of glass and plastic components, a long lifetime and outstanding visibility in windy or challenging weather conditions is therefore the result. The low installation depth ensures problem-free installation in almost any vehicle.

Comet FF 450
Comet FF 550
Comet FF 500


The Micro DE headlamps from HELLA are exceptionally understated: Almost invisible when switched off, their ingenious functionality enables them to deliver a light output which, considering their extremely compact dimensions, ensures they create a stir time and time again.

Micro DE


FF stands for "Free-Form reflector technology" and is a superior lighting technology which ensures effective luminous efficacy, even with smaller reflector surfaces. The FF line from HELLA with its compact dimensions is therefore ideal for vehicles where insufficient space is available for bulky auxiliary headlamps due to limited mounting options. The tried-and-tested halogen technology and different variants provide the right solution for almost any requirement, as does the option for upright and pendant surface mounting.

FF75 also available as front fog lamp
FF50 also available as front fog lamp

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