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All too often, not enough attention is paid to accessory and electronic products such as wiper blades and light bulbs. This is wrong because these are in fact the products that must meet extremely stringent functional and material requirements arising from the rigorous demands of daily use. This particularly applies in the offroad environment where they are subjected to exceptionally high loads. This makes it even more important to have sustainable quality which you can really rely on: As is the case with HELLA accessory products.


Hand held searchlight

You should always have the compact powerful HELLA handheld searchlights with you, particularly on cross-country trips at night – if an emergency arises and there is no continuous street lighting, you won"t get far without a reliable alternative source of light. The multifunctional headlamp features two light sources which can be separately switched for short and long-range illumination, a plug so it can be powered via the cigarette lighter socket and a 3.5 m cable. It also comes with a Morse function that can come in particularly handy should an unexpected emergency arise. The package includes a light source and separate support foot.

1H1 998 502-002 Handheld searchlight with 3.5 m cable

Hand lamps

Hand lamps are indispensible equipment in the offroad situation – for breakdown situations in the dark for example. These particularly rugged and resilient HELLA hand lamps have been developed for professional use and have been thoroughly thought out in terms of operability and suitability for daily use. There is a growing number of light sources in which the ratio of lighting performance to power consumption is particularly favorable, LEDs for example. These lamps are extremely compact and can therefore be installed in places that are difficult to access, such as the engine compartment. A number of versions are available from HELLA.

1. Magnetic mounting bracket
The practical magnetic mounting bracket for hand lamps comes in very handy if you cannot find anything to clamp the lamp to or suspend it from. The powerful magnet keeps the lamp in the optimum position.
8HG 861 918-001

2. LED rechargeable battery-operated hand lamps
These hand lamps are ideal for mobile applications. Available with chargers for 12 and 220 volts.
2XM 001 974-211 Hand lamp with 30 LEDs, 35 cm long
2XM 001 974-221 Hand lamp with 60 LEDs, 35 cm long

3. Hand lamp HL 21-1120-C-Clip-Master
This hand lamp is 112 cm long and has a T5/21W fluorescent lamp, a 5m power cord and a self-locking quick-release clamp for 110-190 cm bonnets.
2XM 001 974-121 Hand lamp.

4. LED inspection light

The multi-purpose battery-operated inspection light with flexible swan neck has a black aluminum housing with non-slip surface.
2XM 001 974-181 LED inspection light, 34.5 cm long


Interior lights

HELLA interior lights are extremely useful, especially for reading topography maps in the dark during the journey when on offroad tours for example. Different versions of the lights are available. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between versions with different light sources and permanent or fixed mountings.

1. SpotLED reading light, 15 cm long
2JA 343 720-011 Cap white
2JA 343 720-021 Cap black
2JA 343 720-291 Cap silver

SpotLED reading light, 40 cm long
2JA 343 720-111 Cap white
2JA 343 720-121 Cap black
2JA 343 720-191 Cap silver

SpotLED reading light for cigarette lighter/socket, 15 cm long
2JA 343 720-071 Cap white
2JA 343 720-081 Cap black
2JA 343 720-091 Cap silver

2. Reading light with 5W halogen bulb
2AB 004 532-001 black, 50 cm long
2AB 004 532-011 black, 19.5 cm long

Reading light for cigarette lighter/socket with 5W halogen bulb
2AB 004 532-021 black, 16 cm long

3. Flat LED surface-mounted lights
2JA 343 660-101 with 5 white LEDs
2JA 343 606-001 with 10 white LEDs

4. Surface-mounted LED lights
Surface-mounted interior lights with a height of 35 mm. With integrated ON/OFF switch. Multi-voltage 10-30 V.
2JA 007 373-151 with 12 LEDs
2JA 007 373-161 with 24 LEDs


When driving offroad, effective illumination of the route ahead is crucial and largely depends on the choice of bulbs, in combination with the correct headlamp. A perfect bulb delivers optimum light quality in combination with the lowest possible failure rates.
"A bulb is a bulb" you might say, but they can be worlds apart in terms of lighting performance and durability.
Due to our quality requirements, we also deliver cutting edge technology in this area, with an uncompromisingly high and rigorously tested quality.
A perfect way for you to quickly find a suitable bulb is to use the HELLA bulb configuration tool.

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are small technical masterpieces. During their service life, they wipe several thousands of liters of water off the windscreen and must be able to effectively deal with fog streaks as well as snow, ice, insects and dirty water from the vehicle in front.
Furthermore, when driving offroad, the windshield often becomes extremely dirty due to dust and mud which in combination with windscreen wash forms a sticky film of dirt.
They work hard and provide a good reason for choosing HELLA wiper blades when replacement is necessary. They may be small – but their contribution to road traffic safety is considerable. You can find the right HELLA wiper blades quickly and easily using our convenient wiper blade configuration tool. Put your trust in outstanding HELLA quality and you will always know exactly where you are!


Horns are an essential accessory part of any vehicle, and are also an important safety feature which is required by law. A wide range of designs and signal effects are available, depending on the vehicle type and requirements profile.In the context of demanding offroad use a particularly rugged construction and penetrating sound are required.
HELLA offers a broad spectrum of horns, every one of which has a different sound.
Our brochureprovides a comprehensive overview of the entire product range. Our microsite allows you to conveniently view suitable horns for your vehicle and, as a special feature, also hear realistically what they sound like. Stay on the safe side – with a HELLA horn!

Protective caps

HELLA auxiliary headlamps are not only technically impressive, they are also outstanding design features that can lend any offroad vehicle an individual appearance. For this reason alone the headlamps should be equipped with special protection when switched off to preserve their long-term functionality and appearance.
The accurately fitting protective covers with HELLA logo do two things at once: They protect the headlamps from soiling when they are switched off and also enhance safety as the lighting power can subsequently be more effectively directed at the route ahead.

8XS 147 945-021 Luminator (apart from Xenon with integr. ballast and Luminator LED)
8XS 147 945-011 Luminator Xenon (with integr. ballast) and LED
8XS 165 048-001 Luminator Compact
8XS 165 048-011 Luminator Compact Xenon (with integr. ballast)
8XS 168 664-001 Rallye 3003
8XS 170 457-001 Rallye 3003 Compact
8XS 160 353-001 Jumbo 320 FF
8XS 186 530-012 Comet FF 450
8XS 186 531-012 Comet FF 500
8XS 186 532-012 Comet FF 550

Note: In some countries, protective caps are not permitted by law. Before using them on public roads, please check with the relevant government authority.

Battery charger, flashing hazard lights and signal lights

Offroad mobility also depends on other things that might perhaps not be immediately obvious. The offering by HELLA is wide-ranging in this respect. Whether it be a battery charger, hazard warning flashers or signal lamps: When you opt for HELLA products you choose quality, ruggedness and durability. Having this equipment gives you peace of mind which means you can look forward with confidence to your next offroad tour.

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