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Quality has a name: HELLA.

Many providers promise high quality - and HELLA is no exception. What sets us apart from the others is that we actually deliver what we promise. After all, for us quality is not merely an expectation, we make it happen. That's why we stake our name and reputation on this - and we have set ourselves the ambitious standard, of guaranteeing a consistently high product quality in every respect. We do this by defining ambitious quality criteria which apply throughout the entire manufacturing process. And also by carrying out testing procedures that go much further than simply satisfying the prescribed standards. After all, as far as we are concerned, quality is the basis for customer satisfaction.

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All of our products undergo comprehensive testing procedures according to the HELLA in-house standard 67001. This includes climate, splash water, high-pressure cleaner, dust and vibration tests. We also carry out immersion and leak-tightness tests - as is the case with our K-LED 2.0 as clearly demonstrated in the example (Links to Video K-LED 2.0 Water column test).
In addition to functionality, accuracy of fit and the use of high-quality materials are further quality attributes of each and every HELLA product - our many years of experience as partner to leading automotive manufacturers can guarantee this.
It goes without saying that all statutory requirements, such as ECE standard R65 which regulates the mounting and use of warning lights, are complied with at all times. Our own HELLA norms go far beyond the mandatory requirements in many areas.

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When it comes to using light technologies, nobody can get the better of us: As lighting expert with many years of experience behind us, we know this area inside out and are one of the leading innovators in the development of new technologies. We therefore also know exactly which technology is most suitable for the area of application concerned.
Tried-and-tested halogen standard solutions for cost-aware users, powerful xenon headlights with a color similar to daylight, or innovative lasting LED solutions for virtually all requirements: Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with HELLA products and, you also have our sound technical knowledge at your disposal.
After all, as far as we are concerned, quality is not just defined by the finished product, but also the know-how behind it. This means that with HELLA you are in good hands.

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Use of LED technology is becoming part and parcel of modern vehicle lighting. HELLA makes use of this innovative technology which comes with countless benefits.
Use of LEDs has one specific benefit for several reasons: The light source has a very long design life and is more or less maintenance-free. This significantly reduces the lifecycle costs - a factor which cannot be underestimated, especially where vehicle fleets, of municipal and special vehicles are concerned.
LEDs also stand out due to their extremely low energy consumption and multi-voltage capability of 9-33 volts. Depending on the design, LEDs are more or less resistant to cold, heat and vibrations and produce less heat than conventional bulbs. HELLA LED products also feature an ingenious temperature management which also extends their design life.
And last but not least, LEDs offer outstanding luminous efficacy which leaves halogen lamps far behind.
However, LEDs are not all the same, significant quality differences exist in some cases.
We only use high grade LEDs that meet the high quality expectations of HELLA.

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You will have already read a fair amount about our high HELLA quality expectations on this page. But how does this manifest itself in practice? This video shows, based on a specific user report, how our quality products support everyday operations in the area of municipal and special vehicles and therefore significantly reduce the workload. Admittedly however, this is just one report. But we are sure that the same apples for many more satisfied customers who have come to specially appreciate the convincing HELLA quality.

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