Module switches
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Module switches

Module switches

Die Modulschalter von HELLA
Module switches

Module switches

Der wasserdichte Modulschalter von HELLA im Regen.
Module switches

Module switches

Breites Programm: Drei verschiedene Modulschalter von HELLA

Properly connected: The highly modular range of module switches by HELLA contains a wide selection of 12 and 24V switch functions and a variety of switch symbols - in any required combination. This means that functions such as normally open contact/changeover contact, button/maintained-contact switch or blocking function can be freely combined with symbols such as battery, front fog lamp, parking heater - and many more. This is complimented by a comprehensive range of accessories, such as a modular mounting frame or Junior Power Timer.
One thing all switches have in common is the special microswitch contact system. This is characterized by a self-cleaning contact system which minimizes contact erosion and soiling. A minimum contact resistance ensures the lowest possible voltage loss and reliable switching is guaranteed at all times, even with low control currents. The switches are designed to perform up to 450,000 switching cycles. This, combined with the durable LED switch lighting, ensures an extremely long lifetime. Tension springs which ensure a reliable switching function by providing a uniform contact force and standard 2.8 mm blade couplings in high grade AgNi design are additional features of the modular switch.
The modern switch design of course satisfies all requirements pursuant to ECE-R21.
You can obtain detailed information including article numbers from our practical module switch configuration tool.


HELLA quality tailored to individual requirements for maximum customer benefit: Our range of module switches offers you outstanding flexibility when it comes to implementing your specific customer requirements. As well as a large selection of switches and functions, we offer, in addition to the standard symbols, customized laser marking - which means you can define symbols yourself.
We also have highly-efficient production logistics which also works in your favor: All module switches, even small individual production batches, are available very quickly. In combination with our services, such as direct support by our professional staff in the field, we offer real added value to OEMs and also the parts industry.
The design and haptics also satisfy the highest of expectations. The green night lighting and red function check make confident switching easier in all driving situations with extreme or varying light conditions - up to four LED light sources are available to ensure this.
The wide range of switching options, combined with the standard and customer-specific symbol versions and LED lighting, therefore ensure that the driver's cab has a high-quality coherent appearance.


Voltage: 12V and 24V DC
Switch type: Micro-switch snap system
Protection class: IP30
"Switching functions: Normally-closed / changeover contact
Load type of contacts: Bulb load ≤ 4A / 3A
Inductive load ≤ 5A / 5A
Resistive load ≤ 10A / ≤ 10A"
Contact material: AgNi
Mating connector: 2.8 mm x 0.8 ± 0.025 mm
Nominal physical dimensions
Operating temperature: - 40 °C ... + 85 °C
Storage temperature: - 40 °C .. + 100 °C
Rocker material: transparent and white PC, painted black
Housing: Black polyamide
Design life
Design life with 5mA signal currents: > 450,000 cycles
Mechanical design life with lock: 50,000 cycles
Design life with max. load current 10A: 50,000 cycles
Design life of LED: > 10,000 h
Installation specifications
Mounting force: ≤ 30N
Disassembling force: ≥ 150N
Holding force in locked position: ≥ 50N
Dashboard thickness with direct installation: 2 ± 0.3 mm
Dashboard thickness with mounting frame: Min. 3 ... max. 4 mm with 0.4 radius rounding in fitting direction .. R1


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