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Achieve long-term cost savings - with LED products by HELLA.

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Fleet managers and drivers expect functional safety at all times - and no buts. In other words, vehicle components with a high quality standard and long service life. The LED lights by HELLA satisfy these expectations in every respect as they are developed and manufactured according to extremely stringent quality standards.
In addition to their long service life and reliability, LED products offer another major benefit with fleets in particular: Significant cost savings are possible when compared to halogen lights. The savings are particularly justifiable in terms of the potential material costs, labor expenses and repair costs - because if HELLA LED lights are used systematically, cost benefits can be achieved in all these areas.
In order to specifically demonstrate the possible - and surprisingly high - savings potential, we have performed a number of sample calculations based on practical examples.
You can download the result here.
In the sample calculations shown here, it is assumed that beacons (KL) and worklights (ASW) have been converted to LED, as the advantages of LED technology can be fully exploited during the long periods of operation of up to 6 hours per day. For example, a very substantial increase in the design life of worklights. The situation is very similar with beacons.

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