Remote Jump Start System
Remote Jump Start System

Heavy Duty, high capacity jump-start connectors for vehicles and equipment. Ideal for use where access to terminals is restricted or dangerous. Eliminates chance of cross polarity connections through the specially shaped plug.
Reduces chance of sparking and possible ignition of flammable materials. Mounting bracket, protective cap, and kit containing the terminal, bracket and cap are also available.


Jump Start Plug


Jump Start Plug – high impact ABS plastic.
Copper (silver brass coated) terminals.
8JA 177 305-101

Suitable for 70 mm2 cable. Connection via crimping and soldering process.


Jump Start Terminal


1. Jump start Terminal
Removes risk of terminal crossing,
high impact ABS plastic, zinc coated terminals.
8JB 177 305-001
2. Terminal Kit
Kit of jump start terminal, bracket and cap.
8HG 177 305-031
3. Terminal Bracket
Bracket for mounting jump start terminal to vehicle body.
8HG 177 305-021
4. Terminal Cap
Cap to protect terminal from external environment
when not in use.
9HD 177 305-011
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