Intelligent battery sensor (IBS) 24 V
Intelligent battery sensor (IBS) 24 V

Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

  • High-accuracy measurement of battery voltage, current and temperature parameters
  • Determination of the battery state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and state of function (SOF) condition parameters
  • Simple electrical and mechanical integration

 Customer Benefits

The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) informs you about the current energy status, allowing you to plan your energy supply.

In order to carefully conserve the energy of the vehicle battery, it is necessary to know the state of charge, ageing and any changes to the battery, as weak batteries are the main cause of vehicle breakdown in more than 50% of cases according to a study by the ADAC, the German automobile association.

Operating voltage 7.5 – 32 V
Permanent Load Current1 ± 200 A
Maximum Current1 ± 2,000 A (20 ms)
Protection class IP 6K7
Power consumption
(operating modes)
≤ 16 mA (normal mode)
≤230 uA (sleep mode)
Max. battery capacity 255 Ah
Operating temperature -40°C to 80°C
Grounding bolt M8
Output signal LIN (2.0) or higher

1 Typical condition: Ta ≤ 80°C; Ub = 24 V
   Typical ground cable: ≥ 70 mm2
Approved for maximum 500 ms.
   Other configurations on request.

Operating voltage Type Mating connector Part number
7,5 – 32 V Kabelschuh grade Hirschmann 872-858-546 6PK 011 700-001
7,5 - 32 V Kabelschuh rechtwinklig Hirschmann 872-858-546 6PK 011 700-317


Optional accessories:
Battery pole adapter for plug and play, installation           9MK 179 472-007

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