A clear view and that's that – thanks to HELLA EASYCHANGE

Without effective wipers, a clear view would simply not be possible. During their service life, they wipe several thousands of liters of water off the windscreen and can effectively wipe away fog streaks as well as snow, ice, insects and dirty water from the vehicle in front. It is important to bear in mind however that they are also wear parts that must be regularly replaced in order to ensure clear vision at all times. Thanks to HELLA EASYCHANGE, you can now replace the wiper blades with no effort at all: Very quickly in just a few steps.

When the time comes to replace you wiper blades you should therefore put your trust in HELLA – this will after all significantly increase your safety on the road.


When is a replacement due?

Your safety comes first with HELLA – we will therefore make sure you know in good time when a replacement is due!

How can you tell when the wiper blades on your vehicle are due for replacement? The telltale signs are unmistakable: By the time the view through your windshield is no longer clear in several places when it is raining even though the windshield wipers are switched on you need to act immediately. Our pictograms act as a guide:

  1. View more or less unimpaired: The wiper blades are in good condition and do not have to be replaced yet.
  2. The view is unclear in several places: Change the wipers as soon as possible!
  3. The view is highly restricted everywhere: Replace the wiper blades immediately as this poses a significant risk to road traffic safety!



Fast and easy replacement with EASYCHANGE

Clear view of the street at all times thanks to HELLA Easychange!

Thanks to the HELLA EASYCHANGE system, all it takes is a few minutes and a few simple steps to change the wiper blades and see the road clearly once again. Simply follow the six steps below, and the replacement will be complete before you know it. It couldn't be easier!

  1. Check by looking for the indicators specified above whether the wiper blade needs to be replaced.
  2. Our online configurator is easy to use so you will find the right wiper blade for your vehicle with correct adapter in no time at all. Click one of the three areas of application Automobiles, Trucks or Agriculture at the foot of this page.
  3. Refer to the HELLA wiper blade package to find out which adapter is suitable for your vehicle.
  4. Watch the relevant HELLA installation video. After selecting your vehicle, our online configurator automatically displays the link you need.
  5. Attach the specific adapter for the vehicle as described in the instructions.
  6. Clip the HELLA wiper blade into the adapter. Your clarity of vision will then be restored – thanks to HELLA EASYCHANGE.
Splash water doesn't have a chance with HELLA wiper blades!

Passenger vehicles

Ensure clarity of vision in all weather conditions Wiper blades for passenger vehicles
With HELLA wiper blades, you can see the street clearly at all times!


Ensure you can always see the street clearly Wiper blades for commercial vehicles
HELLA wiper blades for agricultural vehicles ensure clear vision whatever the application!


Give you clear vision, whatever the assignment Wiper blades for agricultural vehicles
Wiper blade change differently!
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