• More than half a century’s experience in relay development
  • Highly automated production processes and advanced technologies
  • Global technical application

Relays are used to control electrical loads and are components of vehicle ECUs.
A relay is a remote-controlled switch powered by electric current to switch circuits on, off or over.


  • Relays

HELLA offers a wide range of relays for different applications. The electro-mechanical plug-in-relay has been one of HELLA’s core products for many years. As switch amplifiers used to control electrical loads in plug-in standard models, these electronic components can be controlled by control units. HELLA relays feature diodes or resistors to suppress interrupting voltage peaks in the relay coils and thus prevent interference voltage.

To ensure a maximum relay lifetime, the contact material is selected in line with the most demanding quality requirements.

  • Remote-controlled switch powered by electric current to switch high loads
  • Component of vehicle ECUs
  • Types:
  • Plug-in relay, latching and solid-state relay for 12 V and 24 V applications
  • More than half a century of experience in relay development and manufacturing
  • Highly automated production processes
  • Industry-leading CLR rate (customer line return)
  • Local technical application in Europe, NAFTA and Asia
  • Other production sites
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