HELLA Lighting

Leading vehicle lighting supplier

Light is essential to both seeing and being seen. Since vehicle lighting is so important to the safety of everyone on the road, HELLA develops innovative lighting systems that offer a high level of driving comfort while also providing optimum illumination of the road ahead. But that’s not all: Design is also an increasingly important factor where HELLA develops systems enabling designers to create unique brand-specific styles.

State of the Art Technology
  • LED headlamps
  • Laser high beam spot
  • FlatLight rear lamps
  • Multi lens array
  • RGB LEDs for interior lighting
Innovative Features
  • Glare-free high beam
  • Matrix reading light
  • Light projections
Styling and Appearance
  • Rear lamp signatures
  • Lighting setting the interior in ​ the right ambient
  • Light animations and scenarios
  • Ultra slim headlamp design

Worldwide Lighting Locations

HELLA Light Tunnel – The largest of it´s kind in Europe

Situated in Lippstadt, the centerpiece of HELLAs technical competence. The 140m long and 11m wide facility gives an illuminating, realistic and subjective impression, complementing simulations and calculations. Used to test spread, light color, light distribution and the homogeneity of the light when developing for a customer and also to test the wide range of in-house developments. Almost natural surroundings can be created in this unique light testing facility.


L-LAB: Unique international Research Institute for Automotive​ Lighting Technology and Mechatronics​

The L-LAB research institute is supported by HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, the University of Paderborn and Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences in a public-private partnership. Together we work on issues for future automotive lighting technology. The interdisciplinary team from the fields of engineering, physics and psychology is working on the fundamentals for tomorrow's lighting technology and developing prototypes and technology demonstrators. With the support of experienced employees, young researchers are given the opportunity to work scientifically in an application-oriented manner and to gain outstanding professional qualifications.

More information can be found on the L-LAB website.