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We started out by making lighting electronics, and over time our range has expanded to include comprehensive solutions for high-spec vehicle electronics, with an emphasis on the automotive industry’s most important challenges: increasing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving safety and comfort. HELLA supplies a large number of innovative electronic solutions, such as our Intelligent Battery Sensor for efficient energy management and our lane change assist, which uses 24 GHz radar sensors and enhances driving comfort and safety. Below you can find out more about selected electronics solutions:

Efficient Energy Management

HELLA is one of the world’s leading suppliers and developers of electronic micro-hybrid components. These include the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS), which many car manufacturers use as a key part of their vehicle energy management systems. The sensor system ascertains the battery’s status and always delivers precise power, voltage and temperature readings. This data can then be used to redistribute energy within the vehicle so that it is used as optimally as possible. The IBS sensor is able to reduce CO2 emissions by around 2.4 g/km. HELLA Group also offers voltage stabilisers to enhance start/stop systems. These products reduce emissions and fuel consumption when a vehicle is waiting, for example, at railway crossings or traffic lights.

Driving Comfort and Safety

From seat controls, convenient remote locking systems and receiver control units to passive vehicle unlocking and starting systems, HELLA Group offers a wide range of solutions for maximum driving comfort and is constantly working on new and improved assistance systems to enhance driver safer on the road. Our most successful product (with 850,000 units sold) is our lane change assist based on 24 GHz radar sensors. This system constantly monitors the area behind the car when changing lanes and alerts the driver to vehicles approaching from behind or in the next lane. Another device that also uses 24 GHz radar sensors is our safe distance system: the system warns drivers if they are not keeping to an optimal distance behind the vehicle ahead, but does not automatically intervene in the driving.
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