HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o.
Hella Slovakia Lighting s.r.o.

Hella Slovakia Lighting s.r.o.

Slovakia is one of the most important production sites in the global HELLA network. To strengthen the company’s position, a strategic initiative has been introduced to open an R&D centre for rear combination lamps in Bánovce nad Bebravou. This step not only safeguards the sustainable development of the company within Slovakia, but also helps to create expert positions.
The increasing Slovak footprint also goes hand in hand with the development of regional competencies and system synchronisation across all Slovak sites.

Based on a previous statement, we would like to bring to your attention the fact that, from 1 June 2021, the Hella legal entities (known as Hella Slovakia Front-Lighting and Hella Slovakia Signal-Lighting before 1 June 2021) will be merged into one company, HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o. with headquarters in Kočovce and plants in Trenčín, Bánovce nad Bebravou and Kočovce.

Please note that the changes are of an administrative nature. There will be no change to production processes or technologies running in our plants.

Corporate information

  • HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o.
  • Corporate office: Kočovce 228, 916 31 Slovakia
  • Business ID: 36 325 732
  • Tax ID: 2020141706
  • VAT: SK 2020141706
  • IBAN: DE48 4402 0090 0020 0318 67
  • DUNS No.: 510512838

Plant information

HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o. Trenčín Plant (HSK-PLT)
Focus: Interior Lighting / Car Body Lighting
Shipping address: Bratislavská 517, 911 05 Trenčín, Slovakia
DUNS: 361531665

HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o. Bánovce and Bebravou Plant (HSK-PLB)
Focus: Rear combination lamps
Shipping address: Hrežďovská 1629/16, 957 04, Bánovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia
DUNS: to be announced after 1 June 2021

HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o. Kočovce Plant (HSK-PLK)
Focus: Headlamps
Shipping address: Kočovce 288, 916 31 Kočovce, Slovakia
DUNS: to be announced after 1 June 2021
Hella Slovakia Lighting s.r.o.