Newsletter 8

HELLA VisioTech - Innovative Light Projection Puts Safety First

HELLA has designed a powerful projection module to improve safety on the roads. The new HELLA VisioTech uses light to project warning signals and demarcate danger zones.

The light projections are highly visible, even in daylight conditions, to attract the immediate attention of drivers and passers-by. The unique lens optics innovation is able to project a symbol of about four meters length at a mounting height of just two meters.

HELLA VisioTech has a wide variety of useful applications. The exclamation mark symbol, which is already available, can be projected in front of moving heavy vehicles to caution road users. It can also be used to mark danger zones in work sites, eliminating the need for manual marking. As the danger zone moves, the light can also be moved easily.

The image to be projected can also be customized according to user requirements to reflect other attention-grabbing symbols or even corporate logos.

Technical features:

  • Power consumption: 35W
  • Voltage: Multivolt 12 V – 48 V
  • Size: 250 x 140 x 90 mm
  • ECE-R10 homologation

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