Newsletter 6

HELLA Performance Bulbs

Light Up in Power and Style

HELLA Performance Bulbs have been the brighter choice for many discerning motorists, just one year after its successful launch.

HELLA Performance Bulbs are manufactured to high quality standards and are directly interchangeable with original equipment (OE) bulbs. It is available in two ranges, namely Stylish and Dynamic ranges.

The Stylish range features the HELLA PowerBleu bulbs, which project a bright, xenon-like white natural daylight. With blue coating and silver top finishing, they add a stylish edge to your vehicle. The HELLA PowerBleu bulbs are made with high-quality quartz glass and are thus highly resistance to UV rays. They are available in colour temperatures of 4400K and 5000K in both standard and high wattages.

In the Dynamic range, the HELLA Platinum +100% bulbs offer more light in comparison to standard bulbs. This is possible because the bulbs use a more robust type of filament that can withstand a higher current flow and power rating, resulting in more current-to-light conversion. The high level of brightness boosts visibility and enhances safety on the road.

HELLA PowerBleu Performance Bulbs
Features and Benefits:

• Superb brightness of white daylight
• High quality quartz glass
• High level of UV resistance

HELLA Platinum Performance Bulbs
Features and Benefits:

• High level of brightness
• 35m more light projection than standard bulbs
• Maximum visibility for road safety
• E1 mark certification


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