Newsletter 4

HELLA DR 820 and HELLA DR 760 Driving Video Recorders For Exceptional Video Recording Quality

The HELLA DR 820 and DR 760 are the latest additions to HELLA’s line of driving video recorders. From recording of scenic and adventurous journeys to documenting of road incidents, HELLA’s new driving video recorders deliver the best motoring assurance and experience to drivers.

Alert on the Job

The HELLA DR 820 and DR 760 Driving Video Recorders are always on the alert – whether the vehicle is parked or on the move – providing drivers with peace of mind. As two-channel recorders, they capture both front and rear views of the vehicle simultaneously. Each recorder comes with a 24-hour parking monitoring mode, with uninterrupted power for round-the-clock recording. When the vehicle is parked, the smart motion detection feature activates the camera as needed to capture incidents. While on the road, the G-Sensor is automatically triggered to start the device recording during sudden braking or impact during a commute.

Vivid as Reality

Recording in 1080P full high definition with excellent image resolution, the HELLA DR 820 and DR 760 Driving Video Recorders register critical and fine details without dropping any frames. The superior video recording quality also extends to low-light environments due to its night vision capability. Its 140-degree wide angle view affords a wider view of the road with maximum visibility and reduced blind spots.

Easy to Use

Both recorders feature format-free technology, where the micro SD card does not require regular formatting, for hassle-free convenience to the user. The devices can also be connected seamlessly to a smart phone using WiFi for transfer and playback of footage on iOS and Android platforms. The HELLA DR760 further includes a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen for the user to control, check or playback a recording intuitively just by touching the screen.

Enhanced Road Safety

The Advanced Driver Assistance System is available on the HELLA DR 820 and DR 760 Driving Video Recorders to improve safety for the driver. Capable of detecting road markings, the system provides voice and visual alerts for lane departure warning, front collision warning and front vehicle departure warning. This system can be activated with the optional external GPS module, which is sold separately.


  • 24-Hour Parking Monitoring Mode (with Smart Motion Detection)
  • Format-Free Technology
  • WiFi Connection to Smart Phone
  • Large Capacity (Up to 256GB Storage on Micro SD Card)
  • Full 1080P High Definition
  • 140-Degree Wide Angle View
  • Night Vision
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • External GPS Module (Optional)

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