SL60 LED Warning Light Improves Workplace Safety

The innovative and compact SL60 LED warning light is fitted with the new VISIOTECH technology. Thanks to this new VISIOTECH projection technology, it is now possible to mark out danger zones for greater workplace safety.

A special lens optic allows the light rays to converge and become so sharply focused that a strip-shaped warning line is projected onto the ground. Depending on the type of mounting, the warning line can be projected in front of the vehicle either horizontally or vertically. This application serves to warn other vehicles or pedestrians of an oncoming vehicle. The lines projected in front of a vehicle can also be used alternatively for simpler vehicle navigation. Workplace safety and convenience are significantly ramped up and consequently, accidents are prevented from the outset. Indoors, for example, where forklifts or stackers are in operation, the SL60 LED can even be optimally used during the day, thus greatly facilitating the daily work routine.

The compact SL60 LED warning light is particularly well-suited when little space is available for installation. In addition to its compact size, this lighting system also boost energy efficiency. Its power consumption of a maximum of 7 watts make this warning light ideal for use on battery-powered vehicles or on vehicles where the alternator is already under heavy load. An operating voltage of 10 up to 80 volts is made possible by the multi-voltage electronics. It is thus possible to use on 48 V forklifts and similar vehicles with high vehicle electric system voltage.

The SL60 LED warning light are available either with a red projection line or with a blue one, such options make it suitable for the most diverse kinds of applications and target groups.