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Direct Application

Have you found the right position for you? Please send us your application, preferably online.

Our Job Postings section, updated daily, lists all current vacancies at HELLA.


Your application

Please enter your detailed profile in the Applicant Management section. This section also includes areas to upload all of the important attachments. Please answer the questions about your personal profile in as much detail as possible to give us a detailed picture of who you are. You only need to enter your profile on the applicant portal one time, and you can update it at any time.

Current vacancies


Your direct application should include the following documents

  • Relevant cover letter
  • CV or résumé


Applying for multiple jobs

If you see postings for several jobs that appeal to you, you are also welcome to submit multiple applications. This works best online. Since your profile is stored, all you need to do is check to make sure the details you have already entered match up with the position for which you would like to apply. Please bear in mind that you can apply either for one specific position or for several positions, provided that you are qualified for all of the positions for which you wish to apply.

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Application procedure

Learn how it works! Get to know the application process at HELLA.

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