Technology & Products / 11.11.2019
Technology & Products / 11.11.2019

Modular Worklight: New worklight series for more design freedom

  • Combinable with HELLA Shapeline series
  • Enables an individual appearance

Lippstadt, 11 November 2019. Up until now, it has often been a challenge for manufacturers to design a vehicle's light signature from the front to the rear in aconsistent way. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the new LED worklight series "Modular Worklight", whose design has been adapted to the modular lamp series "Shapeline". By combining these two lighting series, vehicle manufacturers can now give an unmistakable and individual appearance even to their small quantity series. The new LED worklight series is fully integrated in the cabin roof and therefore better protected from external influences. The worklight series known as "Modular Worklight" is available in the two design lines "TECH" (classic straight lines) and "STYLE" (dynamically curved). Depending on the required light output, you can also choose between BASE and PRIME versions. In addition to the standard light distributions for close-range and long-range illumination, the "Modular Worklight" series is also available in the innovative, glare-free illumination variant ZEROGLARE. The light is specially radiated onto the surface in front of the vehicle so that drivers of oncoming vehicles are not dazzled. This significantly increases safety and working comfort.
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