Company / 14.02.2018
Company / 14.02.2018

HELLA promotes electric mobility of employees

Four electric vehicle charging stations installed at company headquarters

Lippstadt, Germany, February 14, 2018. A major element in tomorrow's environmentally friendly mobility, electric mobility is one of the great market trends in the automotive industry. The automotive supplier HELLA and the Lippstadt municipal utility are therefore jointly investing in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at the Lippstadt location. Four charging stations for electric vehicles will thus be put into operation front of the HELLA headquarters at the Rixbecker Strasse. Starting this week, HELLA employees will be able to charge their electric and hybrid vehicles during working hours at no cost.

"For us as sustainable automotive supplier, active environmental protection means more than developing environmentally friendly products and technologies. Environmental protection is a key component of our company culture. At our locations, we therefore also invest in the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. We thus want to support the electric mobility of our employees", says Matthias Wiehen who is, amongst other things, responsible for the further development of the HELLA locations worldwide.

During working hours, HELLA employees can charge their electric and hybrid cars at four stations with a respective capacity of 22 kilowatts during three to four hours every day. They can connect via a standard type 2 plug.

The electric charging stations were financed by the Lippstadt municipal utility, which installed an electrical line to the company premises for this purpose. HELLA in turn will assume the monthly user fees and the cost for electricity. "We are delighted to implement this project together with HELLA", says Siegfried Müller, Head of the Lippstadt municipal utility. "Together, we want to pave the way towards more electric mobility in Lippstadt."

Should the new offer prove to be a success with HELLA employees, additional electric charging stations will be installed at the HELLA Nordwerk on Beckumer Strasse in Lippstadt.
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