Company / 09.02.2018
Company / 09.02.2018

New HELLA working environment opened

Modern and open office concept promotes creativity and collaboration

Lippstadt, Germany, February 09, 2018. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA continues to invest in the workplace environment of its employees. An innovative office work concept was thus realized at the company headquarters in Lippstadt, providing employees with state-of-the-art workplace equipment and great flexibility in approaching their varied tasks. The modern and open design will make the workplace environment even more attractive to employees while further promoting collaboration inside the company.

"The market's innovation speed is further accelerating and new players and their ideas are entering the industry all the time. This means for HELLA: we must increasingly favor open and flexible work methods. A workplace environment as we have created in Lippstadt will support us in communicating and collaborating even more across the various functions", says Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, President and CEO of HELLA, at the occasion of the opening of the new HELLA working environment.

To begin with the new HELLA working environment was implemented on a single level of an already existing building. The new concept provides employees with 1,500 square meters of different work zones - ranging from individual workplaces where quiet concentrated working is possible, lounge areas with sofas and armchairs for creative exchange and spontaneous meetings to think tanks and meeting zones offering space for sustained collaboration in smaller and larger teams. An open working concept supports flexible project work throughout. Different project teams can thus spatially rearrange according to their requirements.

The new HELLA working environment was initially implemented at four departments with 112 employees from the functional divisions IT and Process Management, which jointly drive process standardization and improvement at HELLA. The spatial consolidation of those departments allowed HELLA to simultaneously create a "process house" for those employees who coordinate the internal company processes in the best possible manner and who harmonize all relevant business processes and implement them worldwide. Other existing spaces and newly planned buildings, such as the new visitor, administration and exhibition center near the company headquarters at the Rixbecker Strasse in Lippstadt are intended to follow the same principle.
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