Working abroad

An international career is possible at more than 70 locations.

Although we are a family-owned company, we operate all over the world, so we are always looking for global players who can contribute to our success with their cross-cultural competencies.

HELLA offers a wide range of opportunities to work abroad: In addition to strengthening your intercultural communication skills and appreciation of cultural diversity, you can take the opportunity to perfect your language skills and chart the course for your international career.

We are happy to advise you on the organizational aspects of working abroad. Our proven approach to foreign employment is based on many years of experience.



The preparatory phase

During the preparatory phase, we put you in touch with employees who have already worked in the country where your future job is located. You are also given a chance to visit the country in advance. If you decide to accept the assignment, we can provide you with advice and support for aspects of your move such as finding housing, applying for visas for you and your family, relocating to your new home, obtaining health care, and even issues such as childcare or preschool placements or finding a school for your children.


Your stay abroad

In general, employees are assigned to work abroad for two to five years which count toward seniority with the company. During this time, you retain your coverage and continue to make contributions to the German social insurance system, so you continue to receive your salary if you fall ill. We pay your moving expenses and the costs of storing your household effects, as well as your expenses for moving back home. You continue to receive your salary, of course, and we take the local cost of living into account. Your contract assures that you will be re-hired when you return, giving you added peace of mind.


Returning home

When you return home, we will help you with relocation and even with finding a place to live if necessary. We work closely with you and the HR department to quickly find the right position for your re-entry.

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