Work-Life Balance

Career and family – in perfect balance

Our employees are the engine that drives our success – which is why we want to give you everything you need so that you can start work feeling fresh, sharp and motivated every day. And that includes peace of mind.

Our lives are constantly in flux, and we go through different phases: While one person resolutely drives his career forward, another might need more time for his private life. We try to accommodate these life changes as best we can by offering employees various ways to combine the challenge of work with their personal interests in a mutually beneficial way. This helps us ensure that everyone stays happy in the long term because we know that people today want and expect to have the best of both worlds – career and family.


Flexible work schedules without specific core working hours –
you decide!

To us, performance does not depend solely on specific hours. That’s why our employees work on a discretionary basis, so that personal and professional interests can complement each other instead of creating conflicts.


Part-time work schedules

Depending on the department, it goes without saying for us that you can also work part-time – and still have access to the same opportunities to advance! For instance, are you thinking about going on to study for a master’s degree while still working? Our part-time working models give you the flexibility you need to turn your dreams into reality.


Hella Kinderhaus



Your health is paramount to us!

As a family-owned company, we think in the long term – which is why we offer you a range of different options to help you get in shape and maintain your fitness for a long time to come.

Our employees’ health is our top priority since it is the foundation for a successful life – and successful work. HELLA focuses on healthy working conditions and healthy lifestyles in many areas. 

What we offer

  • Strength training for the back
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Coping with alternating shifts
  • Expert advice on diet and nutrition


Certified occupational safety and health management systems help to safeguard your health.


Occupational Safety and Health


HELLA maintains a single central department that is responsible for all aspects of occupational safety and health at the company. The guidelines and instructions issued by the corporate occupational safety and health department are implemented by qualified safety specialists and company doctors at both production and administrative locations. The goal of this approach is to safeguard the safety and welfare of our employees in the workplace and protect their most valuable asset – their physical safety and health. The corporate management has established an occupational safety and health policy that applies throughout the company, and as further proof of our dedication to employee health and safety, we subscribe to the principles and standards laid out in the Seoul Declaration on Safety and Health at Work.

Certified, fully implemented occupational safety and health management systems


Our certified, fully implemented occupational safety and health management systems document the effective steps our in-house experts have taken toward preventing occupational accidents and improving safety and health in the workplace. This helps us ensure lasting results which are then reflected in steadily declining accident figures. We also use this information to determine rebates on contributions to the occupational accident insurance policy.

Our corporate health management staff recommends that all employees take advantage of the health program at regular intervals. HELLA has also received a number of awards and distinctions for its efforts to improve employee health and safety overall.

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