Special Original Equipment

BUSINESS SEGMENT Special Original Equipment

The segment Special Original Equipment offers electronics and lighting solutions for the individual challenges of its specific customer segments. HELLA's ability to offer systematic transfer and suitable adaptation of technological, process and quality expertise, acquired directly from the automotive sector, forms the basis of the company's exceptional competitiveness when it comes to costs and innovation.



  • Next generation of LED beacons: the K-LED Rebelution combines functionality with design and creates a unique light signature thanks to the EdgeLight technology
  • Smart work lamps that can be controlled individually without any adaption on existing wiring harnesses through using given vehicle intelligence systems
  • First Introduction of wiping direction indicator technology in a full-led rear lamp for commercial vehicle (DAF truck) 
  • Radar technology introduced in customer segment material handling


  • Wide electronics and lighting product portfolio for On- and Off-highway customer segments
  • 5 development sites (in Germany, Austria, Romania, India and New Zealand)
  • 4 production sites (in Austria, Romania, India and New Zealand)
  • 29 sales companies worldwide