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We offer a range of benefits to help you meet your needs. The friendly and efficient staff at our Employee Housing Office can help you find a place to live even before you officially start work. We also have a partnership with an insurance broker to put together an insurance package that meets your needs, and we can help you obtain expert advice and offers for your retirement planning as an added benefit. Plus, our subsidiary Avitea can even offer support services if your spouse or partner is also looking for a job opportunity in Lippstadt; Avitea has a proven track record of successfully placing our employees’ spouses and partners in appropriate positions.


Housing Services

Housing Services takes care of finding, brokering and providing private accommodations for new and existing employees who work at the Lippstadt site, including handling all of the administrative work involved.


Retirement Benefits and Insurance

HELLA offers its employees a range of reasonably priced insurance options with attractive benefits, from third-party liability to various forms of life insurance, including endowment insurance. Employees also have the option of joining a company retirement program. Existing retirement accounts and policies can be rolled over or otherwise integrated into this company program.



We want our guests and employees to feel good, and we hope the food we serve can contribute to making mealtimes and break periods a pleasant change of pace from work. Our wholly-owned catering subsidiary, hvs Verpflegungssysteme GmbH, offers a selection of delicious, premium-quality food and beverages every day at our company restaurant. Our employees can also visit any of a variety of kiosks and vending machines on site for a quick snack between meals or to grab breakfast on the go.


Support for your spouse or partner

We not only offer you excellent professional opportunities – we also take care of providing career opportunities for your spouse or life partner. Our wholly-owned subsidiary Avitea, which specializes in all aspects of personnel and HR services, is delighted to support you in this area.

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