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In collaboration with HUAWEI AI PASS and G+D CHINA:
HELLA presents digital solutions for smart car access

  • New technology is based on Bluetooth and Near Field Communication 
  • Joint development results meet the specific requirements of the Chinese market and offer additional comfort to the end consumer

Shanghai, 08 October 2020. International automotive supplier HELLA is collaborating with HUAWEI AI PASS, a brand under HUAWEI Wallet promoting NFC and Bluetooth application standards in the mobile phone industry, as well as G+D CHINA, a technology group dedicated to mobile security. The aim of the partnership is to advance the development of smart car access solutions based on Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC). These meet the specific requirements of the Chinese market and offer additional comfort to the end consumer, who can lock and unlock the vehicle using the smartphone and its NFC functionality as well as share digital key to enable car sharing scenarios. The partnership between HELLA, HUAWEI AI PASS and G+D CHINA was already agreed last year; significant progress is made and achieves car access by touching the rearview mirror at driver side with a mobile phone.

In the context of the collaboration, HELLA will contribute its technological expertise in the area of car access systems. This includes among other things hardware components, i.e. the necessary control units and modules for Bluetooth and NFC as well as related software solutions. With the capabilities as a mobile phone manufacturer, HUAWEI AI PASS will provide all relevant smart phone-related elements such as smart phone application and NFC hardware on the mobile device. G+D CHINA will contribute cloud-related services such as data transportation, management and security services as well as hardware for data security integrated in the vehicle.

Michael Weitert, Vice President at the HELLA Technical Center in Shanghai, said: “It has always been one of our main goals to make driving more efficient, safer and more comfortable for the end user. This also includes making the opening and closing of a car as convenient as possible. HELLA already has a strong, market-leading position in the field of vehicle access. The cooperation with HUAWEI AI PASS and G+D CHINA gives us the opportunity to further expand this position and promote the development of digital solutions especially for the Chinese market.”

In the context of digital vehicle access solutions, HELLA also provides various customized and comprehensive smart car access systems, such as solutions based on Bluetooth and biometric factors, individualized wearable as well as smart car access systems based on ultra-wide band (UWB) with high level of security against relay attacks.


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